Ahten Cards Top Times & Final Round Appearance at Seattle Regional

Kent, WA. – Johnny Ahten and the Island Renovations/Combust Filters Team recorded the top elapsed time and speed of last weekend’s Regional event at Pacific Raceways in route to their final round appearance. The one thing that prevented Ahten from winning is a bit of a mystery. Usually it is known how or why something happened. This time in the final round against CleanBoost Oil teammate Chris Demke, the one thing became the deciding element. That one thing you ask? The culprit was cylinder number one. For some unknown reason it decided to take the final round off. Johnny recorded a runner-up 5.562/259.11 on seven pistons firing to Chris Demke’s 5.320/268.54. 

A weary but upbeat Ahten was happy about the team’s performance but still looking for a
reason. “Right after the final round defeat we went to the pits and looked at everything. We could not find a reason why cylinder one went out at the hit. We have never lost that particular cylinder before. We searched high and low for evidence to explain it. We found nothing. I guess you just have to chalk it up to it being a characteristic of an A-Fuel car,” said Ahten. 

The journey to the finals was filled with some spectacular speed and excitement. The Ahten Racing team of Crew Chief Al Ahten, crew members Howard Katano, Kevin Colvell, and Chuck Costabile picked up right where they left off at the National event two weeks ago. A strong number three qualifying spot and 5.333 was a good start. In the first round against Aaron Olivarez, both cars had issues, but Johnny got the win with a 5.584/263.87. Waiting in the next round was the red-hot Shawn Cowie. The Ahten Racing gang knew they just had to carry on and go fast. Cowie got the advantage off the line but by half track Johnny caught him and dispatched the two-in-a-row race winner with a 5.313/268.76 to a losing 5.428/265.01. 

The Ahten Racing pits were a bit more crowed after that run with fans and racers alike
congratulating them on the victory over Cowie. “So many people came by to say hi and
congratulate us on the round win,” said Ahten. “We took down a heavy hitter with that 5.31 and it felt great. It also meant we had lane choice in the finals against Demke. The testing and dyno work we did earlier in the year really paid off,” added Ahten.
Going into the final round against the strong running Demke, Johnny had the confidence of his previous performance and the advantage of lane choice. He had the faster of the two cars, but the ominous failure of cylinder one was looming. After a normal burnout, Johnny backed up and awaited the flash of the tree. When the lights came down it was Demke getting the advantage and the win with a 5.320/268.54 over Ahten’s cylindrically challenged 5.562/259.11. The semi-final victory and final round glory faded all because cylinder one failed to stay lit.

The mystery of why may remain, but the performance of the Stump Puller and Johnny Ahten is no longer unknown.

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