Ahten Celebrates 2016 with Hedman Hedders and Strong Outing in Pomona


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Johnny Ahten Racing
Island Renovations/Combust Filters A/Fuel Dragster
56th annual Circle K NHRA Winternationals Wrap-Up
FEBRUARY 18, 2016

Ahten Celebrates 2016 with Hedman Hedders and Strong Outing in Pomona

Pomona, Ca. – Johnny Ahten celebrated his ten year partnership with Hedman Hedders at the 56th running of the Circle K NHRA Winternationals at Pomona with a round one win and strong performance numbers. Ahten recorded a career best MPH, as well as a best ET and MPH for the newest incarnation of the Stump Puller. Hedman Hedders and Johnny Ahten plan on continuing this type of celebration for
the rest of the 2016 season. Ahten’s first two rounds of qualifying were challenging. A fuel issue thwarted the first run, and tire smoke ended the second. On Saturday’s final qualifying session, the Island Renovations/Combust Filters A/Fuel Dragster launched well and recorded a 5.324/276.80 pass. This put the Stump Puller in the number nine slot, and earned a career best speed record for Ahten. These accomplishments landed a round one battle with previous series champion Chris Demke. In the supercharged alcohol verses injected nitro first round, Demke got the starting line advantage and was leading for the first one-thousand feet. It was at this point that a rapid charging Ahten roared past Demke. Ahten took the win by ten feet with a 5.282/276.80 to Demke’s 5.325/272.56. Racing on Sunday at Pomona is good thing, but Garrett Bateman was waiting in round two. Sunday’s second round of eliminations started off well with Ahten getting off the line first, but an oil seal failed and one cylinder felt the pain. Ahten’s 5.451/263.51 was not enough for Bateman’s 5.358/272.23.  “Our 2016 Winternationals experience was amazing,” said Ahten. “What a way to kick off a celebration with Hedman Hedders, with career best speeds and a hard-fought round win. My dad and crew chief Al Ahten along with team partner Howard Katano have given me a great race car. Bob Ahten, Kevin “Shark” Colvell, and Chuck Costabile made things so easy. We also had a guest crewperson this weekend. John Mark lent a hand and we all had a blast. “I have to thank bla bla bla – please add quote about Hedman
if you want….. The traditional tenth anniversary gift is either tin or aluminum. Johnny Ahten doesn’t plan on celebrating with little pieces of aluminum, but metal in the shape of a Wally is a fine alternative. This is the plan for the 2016 NHRA season. Going rounds, increased performance, and with Hedman Hedders, Johnny Ahten is ready to celebrate.

Johnny Ahten Pomona1 - photo courtesy of Clark Oden and Race Day Images

Photo courtesy of Cark Oden & Race Day Images

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