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It has been a long time since I have been excited and enthused about reporting on our week-end of racing but the time is here.

We made a multitude of changes and improvements since our last outing. We are not sure how many were actually improvements and how many were just changes but the first two attempts at the Mission B.C. Regional resulted in major tire smoke.

The first two qualifying funs gave us a 5.45 and a 5.47, not overly impressive but 264 MPH and 268 MPH with no dropped cylinders was encouraging. The last qualifying run was one of our better runs of the year, 5.35 @ 273 was good for the #2 spot.

First round showed a bit more improvement as our 5.33 @274 took care of Kim Parkers 5.60 @257. The final round netted a consistent 5.35 @ 274 but not enough to hold off Shawn Cowies 5.21 @ 278.

All in all one of our better weekends in a while. The next race will be in Woodburn Oregon, July 12-14 and the following week we get to try out Sonoma for the first time in many years.

Until then thank you to everybody for your help and support.

Jerry & Casey

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