Check Out Goodson's New HPOG-1000

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  • Goodson Tools & Supplies - June 04, 2018

    Replying to William N Pritchard: We do not recommend using the HPOG wand and brushes in a drill. The wand is specifically designed to have air and/or water sot through it under pressure. If you want to use a drill and some solvent, we recommend using a cleaning brush.

  • Goodson Tools & Supplies - June 04, 2018

    Check out these links for more information: and

  • William N Pritchard - June 04, 2018

    Can these be used with a drill & turned at low speed, no water or air, just some solvent to wash the crud away.

  • Anthony lutz - June 04, 2018

    How much is a set of this HPOG 1000 cleaner ? What is included in a set of HPOG1000q

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