Darien & Grisel Race Update

Darien & Grisel Race Update

During this crazy year we finally got to go to another race.  Wild Horse Pass Raceway put on a Double Divisional and a West Region Regional.

Friday greeted us with a 100° temperature and a first qualifying pass of 5.49 at 264 MPH.  Good for the number three spot.  Due to the heat and lack of sportsman cars it was decided to eliminate one of the qualifying runs for alcohol cars.

Our second and final qualifying run popped a 5.28 at 268 upon the score board.  Good for the number one spot, our second time this year.

First round middle of the day Saturday we were able to cover Ron Anderson with a nice 5.35 and second round we ran another 5.35 to cover the Peen Rite car.

Joey Severance ran a 5.29 in his semi-final round win over Shawn Cowie, so we knew we needed to perk it up a bit.

Casey did his job with a fine .034 light, but a little tire chatter allowed Joey to take the win with a 5.27 to our shut-off 5.94.

All things considered it was a good weekend.  We moved to 12th in the world points, 4th in the West Region and 2nd in the West Region Jegs Allstar points.

Our next race will be another West Region event in Las Vegas, October 23rd and 24th.  We do not know if there will be a national event in Las Vegas, but we will have the last West Regional event on the 6th, 7th and 8th of November in Las Vegas.

Thank you all and stay healthy.

Jerry Darien & Casey Grisel

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