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Darien & Grisel Racing

August 9, 2018

Darien & Grisel Racing 2018 Seattle Update

At the Seattle National event we finally managed to get the first round loser monkey off our back. 

We started qualifying with a nice 5.33 E.T. still dropping cylinders down track and only going 257 MPH.  We did not get our scheduled second qualifying run due to an accident where a mustang moved the K wall several feet.  Our last qualifying run netted massive tire smoke.

First round our opponent couldn’t back up from the burnout and he idled down the track and through the lights where the safety box threw out the chutes and shut the motor off. 

We decided to wait out the quad pushing his car off the track almost 5 minutes from the time we started our car.  With the engine heat, oil temperature, and fuel contamination we decided to run it just past half-track.  A 5.80 came up on the score board at 150 MPH.  The early numbers indicated it could have been a mid-5.30 ET.   In the confusion and frustration I failed to remember that the race pak only recorded 200 seconds and I needed to reset it, hence no data.

Second round we had to face Kim Parker who was number one qualifier.  Casey left on her with a solid .051 light but she reeled him in with a 5.20 to our 5.36.

A good weekend all in all.  This week it’s off to Bonneville and then back to Seattle for the Regional Race, August 17th – 19th.

Thank you all

Jerry & Casey

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