Darien Grisel Racing Update

Darien Grisel Racing Update

It is hard to believe that we had to wait 167 days to go racing again after the Winternationals but thankfully we got to go to Sonoma last week-end.

Things started out extremely well with a great 5.24 ET at 277 MPH. 

We tried to take advantage of a run to test some theories.  The result was a couple of dropped cylinders and a 5.39 at 267.  Our third qualifying run was also a test netting another dropped cylinder and a 5.40 at 269.

Our first run held up for low qualifier and a nice cash bonus from Dennis Taylor of Taylor Motorsports Products for low qualifier.  Thank you D.T.

First round came and test mode was over and things went back to baseline.  That produced a very good 5.32 at 278 for the win and top speed for the weekend.

Second round was not so good as it started out with a red light in our lane and Kim Parker taking the win with a 5.40.

Wouldn’t you know that Joey Severance’s car would not start for the final and Kim would single for the win.

We were happy with the career best numbers for Casey but giving up a good chance for the win stings a little.

With the world as crazy as it is we have no idea when or where our next race will be but we will keep you posted.

Thank you all for everything you do for us and stay safe.

Jerry Darien & Casey Grisel

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