Darien Racing Vegas 2021 NHRA Recap

Darien Racing Vegas 2021 NHRA Recap

We had a rather good weekend at the Las Vegas Denso Nationals 4-Wide event.

After the seminar on staging 4-Wide, since this was the first 4-wide race for alcohol cars, everyone seemed to have no trouble staging.  I am sure no one wanted to get timed out.

Our first qualifying run was a nice 5.33 at 266.  Putting us 3rd behind Julie Nataas and Jackie Fricke.  Q2 was another 5.33 at 263 with a cylinder out, dropping us back to 6th.  Q3 was a nice step forward with a 5.30 at 269 which moved us up one spot to 5th.  Q4 produced a disappointing 5.70 at only 235 caused by a broken fuel line fitting.

We stayed in the 5th spot so our quad would have the numbers 4, 5, 12 and 13. 

Our quad was the first quad up Sunday morning.  Casey left on the other 3 guys and was first to the finish line with a 5.28 at 268.  That gives Casey the distinction of being the first ever 4-wide round winner in alcohol dragster.

Our 2nd quad consisted of qualifier numbers 1-4-5-9.  Again, Casey had the best reaction time of the quad and the second best E.T. of 5.25 at 268.  That put us in the final round quad with the number 1, 2 and 3 qualifiers.

And that is how it ended.  #1 won with a 5.21, #3 was runner-up with a 5.22 and #2 with a 5.26 and us with a 5.29 were the semifinalists.

All in all, it was a great weekend for us.  We are now 7th in world points, #2 in the Jegs Allstar points and tied for 2nd in the West Region points.

You can watch the final round on YouTube under Torrance, Tasca headline Denso NHRA Vegas Four-Wide Nationals.  The TV show for Alcohol cars airs on Fox Sports 2 at 6:30 am Pacific time on Sunday, May 2nd.

We have quite a bit of time before our next outing which will be June 11th, 12th and 13th in Seattle.

As always, we cannot thank all of you enough for your help and support.

Jerry and Casey

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