Goodson/Vizard ‘HOW TO BUILD HORSEPOWER’ Seminar

Goodson/Vizard ‘HOW TO BUILD HORSEPOWER’ Seminar


Where:  Vizard personal shop – 109 Mistywood Drive, Mount Holly, NC 28120. (This is just 10 miles west of Charlotte).

When: Sept 8-9-10, 2017 for attendees to the full seminar and Sat 9th at 5:30 for Cam and Flow Bench program presentation.

Cost: For full three day seminar - $500.

For attendees to the Saturday evening:- free but only a limited number can be accommodated. Please call in to reserve a spot. 1-865-850-0666

Seminar highlights:- Erson Cams Dick Boyer will be on hand Friday and Saturday and will be giving a 30 minute ‘how to’ on hybrid SB Chevy/LS builds.

Also on Saturday evening there will be some well-known ProStock Cylinder head experts as well as experts in other areas of power production in the upper echelons of motor sport.

Saturday evening’s presentation will be accompanied with a cookout by three skilled barbecue chefs.

Attendee’s for the full three day seminar will receive a copy of the Torqemaster cam program and the IOP flow bench program. This has a value of not less than $600!

Subject Material: Way more than we have room for here so go to the seminar web-site

What will the two programs do for professional engine building shops?

1ST here is what the ‘TorqueMaster cam selection program will do: 


  • With just 7 inputs (bore, stroke, CR, intake and exhaust valve sizes, rocker ratios and peak power rpm) it will deliver hyper accurate answers for cam LCA, duration of intake & exhaust, cam advance, required minimum valve lifts, idle vacuum, dynamic CR, cranking pressure, torque output, hp output, required cfm of head flow to meet power level, & port cc for best results. NO OTHER PROGRAM ON THE MARKET WILL DELIVER THIS COMPREHENSIVE INFO.
  • Once the cam specs are calculated the user can search a data bank of profiles to select a cam that matches the selection within a degree or so. Currently this selection has a combined flat and roller plus hydraulic and solid selection of OVER 2200 PROFILES. The required profile can be identified in about 30 SECONDS!
  • Unlike cam catalogues the data bank not only delivers the LCA and duration figures you find in a typical cam catalogue but also lobe area in inch/degrees plus (and this is a first) absolute intensity.
  • Again unlike other cam catalogues TorqueMaster will also make a cylinder head recommendation for the most compatible match between cam and heads – in about 30 seconds. But it does not stop there. You can also find the best rockers for the application – also in about 30 seconds and the same goes for the rest of the valve train. After that you can apply ‘Torquemaster to figure the best intake and carb by part number, again in almost no time flat.
  • How effective is TorqueMaster at producing power? Very - those who have tried it so far have seen big gains in power while the cost of the build has decreased but customer value has not.
  • With this program it is possible for the engine shop to sell a cam to a customer who will pay via credit card. The part # then tells which cam company to email the order to. The cam company then drop ships to the customer and bills the engine shop. That’s profit without any human interaction. The engine shop could be selling cams at midnight!


The IOP flow program.


The advantages of IOP over any program available are:-

  • Apart from delivering the port flow numbers (imperial or metric) IOP calculates many other factors including:-
  • Mean port velocity
  • Port flow efficiency
  • Calculated Mach #
  • Expected torque & HP
  • Port energy
  • Specific port energy density
  • Port area at the minimum point
  • Valve area
  • Port to valve area ratio’s (pop-up gives target range)
  • There are numerous pop-up comment boxes that steer the user to the optimum port characteristics. No other program will do this. Follow the recommendations and the user will produce top performing heads without having to make any judgement calls. This is what it takes to turn a beginner into a top pro.


Marvin @ 865-850-0666

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