Johnny Ahten – Las Vegas 15th annual NHRA Toyota Nationals Preview

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Johnny Ahten – Las Vegas 15th annual NHRA Toyota Nationals Preview

Relaxing Weekend of Racing Awaits Ahten in Vegas

Las Vegas, NV – As Johnny Ahten and his dad Al pulled into the gates at the Strip at Las Motor Speedway for this weekend’s Toyota Nationals there was a small amount of relief. The last few weeks have been filled with long hours in the shop preparing for this race, next weekend’s Regional, and the Pomona finals. Now all they have to do is qualify, go rounds, and enjoy.

“I am happy to be here in Vegas and we are ready to go fast,” said Johnny Ahten. “The Vegas nightlife is not a big deal for our team. The only bright lights and big show we want to see is at the track. It is a huge task preparing for three weekends in row of racing. The day before we left I ran a ton of last minute errands, and even with the car in the trailer, my dad was still prepping cylinder heads. We have to be ready because there are plenty of heavy hitters at this race. We have done well here, and we are looking to return to the performance we have shown in the past,” added Ahten.

The NHRA Toyota Nationals features one qualifying on Friday at 2:15pm, and two on Saturday at 9:45am and 2:00pm. Round one of eliminations is bright and early Sunday morning at 9:00am. Those scheduled times are subject to change, as is the weather. The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway can be a tricky track. Blowing sand, temperature changes, and varied track conditions make it a format able gamble. The plan for the Island Renovations / Combust Filters team is to trust the data, respond to what the car wants, and rise to the occasion.

“The new chassis is amazing and I am ready to put it all together after a formidable learning curve,” said Ahten.  I also want to do well because the management team from Combust Filters and CleanBoost Oil are here in Vegas. Our race rig is protected with a Combust Filters "Diesel Engine Filtration By-Pass System" (Spin-On Style Kidney Loop) and it couldn’t be running better. The Stump Puller is protected by CleanBoost’s 70W Racing Oil. It’s great having them here and helping out.”

The Nitromethane injected Stump Puller of Ahten Racing is ready. The crew of Ahten Racing is ready. The track will be prepped and the fans will be looking for a show. Johnny Ahten is ready to go on stage after weeks of preparation because the rest and relaxation of a NHRA National event is the perfect place for a drag racer. To stay informed with the latest please visit:


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Release courtesy of John Rogers/Ahten Racing

Photo courtesy of Costabile Productions

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