Mick Snyder Indy 2 NHRA Pre-Race

Mick Snyder Indy 2 NHRA Pre Race

Snyder Looking for a Double

For Mick Snyder and the Powersource Transportation team, it is starting to seem like every race is in Indianapolis, just two hours from the Snyder Motorsports Facility.  The 2016 NHRA Division 3 Top Sportsman Champs roll into Lucas Oil Raceway for the NHRA Division 3 Summer Shootout double header this weekend.  This will be the fourth stop of 2017 for Snyder Motorsports’ 1963 Supercharged, ComSyncEFI Top Sportsman Corvette.  The 6-time Season Champs are excited to race in front of friends and family and get back to some NHRA action.  The NHRA North Central Division Summer Shootout runs August 11th through the 13th, while the rescheduled April Spring Spectacular of Speed will run on Thursday August 10th, allowing some drivers the chance to double up at the famed facility. 

“It’s been a strange season for the Powersource Transportation Team.  We haven’t completed a lot of races, one was rain and the next was too hot.  We had a great outing at the PDRA event in Indy, so we are hoping to keep that going here at Indy again.  Maybe this time the cards will fall in our favor,” Snyder smiled.  “We are back to some quarter-mile racing this weekend, and we have the potential to get fourteen passes under our belts with the two races.  I’m also excited to see if we can get some quarter-mile combination best numbers down here.”

 “We should have a pit full of Snyder Motorsports’ Hemi, ComSyncEFI and Lencodrive customers here in Indy.  It should be a busy, but hopefully not too busy, weekend for the Snyder Team.  This month-between-races deal is not quite enough to get my speed fix,” Snyder laughed. 

“It would be nice to put the Snyder Motorsports Vette in the Winner’s Circle at our closest event and we have two shots to do it!” Snyder exclaimed.  While Snyder is looking for a win in front of the home crowd, the April Spring Spectacular of Speed will be completed Thursday starting at 9:00 AM.  The Summer Shootout will start on Friday with one qualifier at 3:45 PM, two more rounds of qualifying begin on Saturday at 12:30 PM, and final eliminations will begin on Sunday at 10:00 AM.  For up to date information please log onto www.dragracecentral.com

The Snyder Motorsports Race Team would like to thank their associate sponsors Lencodrive Racing Transmissions, ComSyncEFI Engine Fuel Ignition Management, Coan Converters, JE Pistons, NGK Spark Plugs, Lucas Oil, Flatout Gaskets, R & R Racing Products, Aeromotive Fuel Systems, VP Racing Fuels, Hot Rod Processing, Mick’s Performance, Snyder Auto, Protect the Harvest, Goodson Tools & Supplies and Safety-Kleen for their continued support over the years.

Please visit the Snyder Motorsports official website at www.snydermotorsports.com.

Powersource Transportation, Inc. satisfies a unique niche within the trucking industry by providing a power-only source for hauling empty or loaded trailers or trailer-mounted equipment. From mobile concrete and asphalt plants to entertainment/tour transportation and military trailers, Powersource gives owner operators the opportunity to pull a wide variety of high-paying freight without loading, unloading or tarping. Powersource is always looking for professional owner operators to join their fleet of independent businessmen. To learn more about our major sponsor Powersource Transportation, Inc. and job opportunities please log onto www.powersourcetransportation.com.

Started in 1994, Snyder Motorsports has evolved over the years and through the classes.  Known for being at the forefront of Screw and Roots Supercharged Combinations, Larry and Mick have built a business around their knowledge and innovation.  The duo has designed and constructed their SMS Hemi Engines, which have set records and captured Championships in multiple categories in at least four different organizations.  They played an essential role in the development and marketing of the Lencodrive Racing Transmission, one of the best converter driven units on the market today, and numerous high-horse, converter related products.  Most recently the 6-time Championship Team has taken on a joint venture with ComSyncEFI Engine Management and Mick’s Performance, Snyder has played an integral part in the development of ComSyncEFI Engine Management, specifically for supercharged combinations.  ComSyncEFI has become a leader in engine management with a “One Box Does It All” approach for Electronic Fuel Injection, Coil on Plug Ignition, Engine Management and Data Recording.
They have taken their championship winning on track experience and created a start to finish line of products for both their ComSyncEFI and Lencodrive divisions, including TPS Injector Brackets, 16V Lithium Batteries and Boxes, Billet Atomizer Injectors, Mick’s Performance Products, SMS Reverse Shifter, Taylor Blankets, SMS Air Throttle and Titanium Bell Housings.
With a “More Than You Thought” approach, Snyder also carries a variety of other championship winning parts, including Air Bottle Kits with Dual Regulators, the Snyder Motorsports 13 lbs. Hi-Per 12 Volt Battery, MSD Mag and Timing Control Products, Flatout Gaskets, T&D Rocker Arms, Weld Wheels, PSI Springs, the Plug Gapper, Sheet Metal Hemi Valve Covers, Jiffy-tite Fittings and a select line of specialized tools.  
For the weight conscious, Snyder has a range of products, including Titanium Bolts, Studs and Nuts, Small Electronics Battery and Lightened CSR Flexplates, just to name a few. Snyder specializes in not only products but also application and service.
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