Mick Snyder Rockingham PDRA Post Race

Snyder Rock Solid with Final Round Finish

New Supercharged, EFI Combination Best ET and Speed

Mick Snyder and the Powersource Transportation Team took their 1963 Top Sportsman Corvette to the Professional Drag Racers Association’s Dragstock, their most prestigious race of the year, at Rockingham Dragway over the weekend.  The Rock, which is known for being one of the fastest tracks on the circuit, proved to be just that for new unique supercharged, electronic fuel injected combination, which broke into the 3-second zone at over 183 miles per hour.  The 4-time Season Champs, who were victorious at the PDRA’s last stop, the Memphis Drags, came just short of the back to back wins as their Snyder Motorsports Corvette shook the tires in the final round and couldn’t run the number.

“We didn’t win, but we made it to the finals again.  It was a great weekend for the Powersource Transportation Team and ComSyncEFI.  We consistently put together 3-second passes, which are new combination best numbers, went some rounds and proved Memphis wasn’t a fluke.  We finally got to start tuning on this deal and really liked the way it responded.  With four qualifiers at the PDRA, it really gave us some time to play before we had to go into race mode and leave it alone.  We haven’t had many laps to tune on this deal in all actuality, so it should only get quicker and faster as we keep learning what all this system will do,” Snyder smiled. “I’ve said it before, but I think it is safe to say we have a pretty neat hot rod here that can go some rounds.”

After four solid qualifying passes, the Powersource Transportation “Orange Menace” Corvette ran a new combination best of 3.988 at 183.24 on its way to the number four qualifying spot in the tough 16 car door slamming field.  Snyder took the win in the first round of competition with a lifting 4.076 at 157.83 mph effort.  In the second round, Snyder had the winning package with the holeshot and a dead on 3.997 at 182.62, breaking his opponent out.  In the semifinals, Snyder took the win with a .011 light and a 3.994 at 183.02 on the 3.98 dial.  His competition took the stripe but went too fast sending Snyder to the finals for the second straight PDRA race.  In the finals, Snyder left with a slight starting line advantage, but starting shaking the tires just past the 60-foot clocks slowing the car to a 4.067 at 181.32 on the 3.98 dial and giving his challenger ample space to tighten up the stripe and take the win.

“We are having a blast in Top Sportsman.  We had another great weekend where everything just clicked.  The racers are tough.  The cars are quick; it took 4.04 to get in the top half of the field.  We are going rounds, which always elevates the enjoyment.  Not to mention, we love the challenges that come with new ventures, between the new class and the new supercharged, electronic fuel injection combination, we are in our height of glory.  Our whole team is family or might as well be family; I am blessed to have such a great team.  I need to thank Jason and Mitchell (Scruggs) and Barb (Bakos) from Powersource Transportation for giving us the opportunity to switch this car over and try new things like Top Sportsman, ComSync and the VED Hemi Heads.  It just can’t get much better than this.”

“We learned a lot this weekend.  The more passes we make; the more data we collect.  We get to go quarter mile racing at the next race, and I’m excited to make some changes and see how quick we can make this combination go on the long track,” exclaimed Snyder.  The next event on the Snyder Motorsports Powersource Transportation Schedule is the NHRA AAA Insurance Midwest Nationals at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis, MO on September 25-27.

The Snyder Motorsports Race Team would like to thank their associate sponsors Lencodrive Racing Transmissions, ComSyncEFI, Coan Converters, JE Pistons, NGK Spark Plugs, Lucas Oil, Flatout Gaskets, R & R Racing Products, VED Hemi Head, Aeromotive, VP Racing Fuels, Snyder Auto, Safety Kleen and Long Printing for their continued support over the years.

Please visit the Snyder Motorsports official website at www.snydermotorsports.com.

Powersource Transportation, Inc. satisfies a unique niche within the trucking industry by providing a power-only source for hauling empty or loaded trailers or trailer-mounted equipment. From mobile concrete and asphalt plants to entertainment/tour transportation and military trailers, Powersource gives owner operators the opportunity to pull a wide variety of high-paying freight without loading, unloading or tarping. Powersource is always looking for professional owner operators to join their fleet of independent businessmen. To learn more about our major sponsor Powersource Transportation, Inc. and job opportunities please log onto www.powersourcetransportation.com.

Started in 1994, Snyder Motorsports has evolved over the years and through the classes.  Known for their development of the Lencodrive Racing Transmission, Larry and Mick have been at the forefront of high-horse, converter equipped drag race car technology. They have taken their championship winning on track experience and created a start to finish line of products for Lencodrive/ converter combinations, including SMS Reverse Shifter, Taylor Blankets, SMS Air Throttle and Titanium Bell Housings. The Latest Developments at Snyder Motorsports Include a Couple Joint Venture Projects, ComSyncEFI, the Most Advanced Engine, Fuel and Ignition Management System with Data Record Capabilities Available and the VED Hemi Head, a Fresh Look at Billet Hemi Cylinder Heads with Visner Engine Development. With a “More Than You Thought” approach, Snyder also carries a variety of other championship winning parts, including Air Bottle Kits with Dual Regulators, the Snyder Motorsports 13 lbs. Hi-Per 12 Volt Battery, MSD Mag and Timing Control Products, Flatout Gaskets, PSI Springs, the Plug Gapper, Sheet Metal Hemi Valve Covers with Spring Oilers, Jiffy-tite Fittings and a select line of specialized tools. For the weight conscious, Snyder has a range of products, including Titanium Bolts, Studs and Nuts, Small Electronics Battery and Lightened CSR Flexplates, just to name a few. They specialize in not only products but also application and service. Snyder Motorsports also keeps a select line of products for junior dragsters, including Original Jr. and Eliminator clutches, engine parts and accessories.

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