PRODUCT UPDATE : High Pressure Oil Gallery Cleaning System Expansion

When Goodson introduced the High Pressure Oil Gallery Cleaning System (HPOG) we knew we had something big. As soon as we started showing it at the Performance Racing Industry Show in December 2017 you, our customers, were asking about other applications. 

Goodson heard you! The High Performance Oil Gallery Cleaning System (HPOG) is not just for oil galleries anymore.  It's also for Lifter Bores, Cam Bearing Bores and Cylinder Bores.

Nylon Bristle HPOG BrushesWhen introduced, the HPOG included three stainless steel bristle brushes and the first question you asked was, "How about nylon brushes?" Today, the HPOG system features 16 nylon bristle brushes from .375" diameter all the way up to 5.0" diameter. These are in addition to the original stainless steel bristle brushes. Visit the product page to see the individual sizes.

Goodson recommends you use the brushes for the following applications:

 Brush Size Most Common Application
.375" to .875" Oil Galleries
1.00" to 1.125" Lifter Bores
2.00" to 3.50" Cam Bearing Bores
4.00" to 5.00" Cylinder Bores 

You, of course, are not limited to these applications. If a brush size fits an application, use it.

It's also important to note that the brushes from .375" to 1.125" have an 8-32 Thread and the brushes 2.00" and larger have a 1/4" pipe thread. Goodson offers thread adaptors for each. We also recommend using the 18" long wand with the larger brushes (2" diameter and larger) for better control.

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