Recapping Vegas and Pomona

Recapping Vegas and Pomona

During a long layoff between Woodburn and the Vegas National event Casey spent many, many hours working on the car making everything as nice as possible and making a few new parts.

This work paid great dividends as the first run in Vegas was a 5.26 at 275 mph.  We followed that with a 5.28 and another 5.26.  Both well over 270.  We qualified 6th with 20 cars attempting to qualify.

First round we raced Fred Hanssen.  We ran 5.303 to his 5.305 with Casey having an .046 light to Fred’s .089 light.  Second round we had another blown alcohol car, James Stevens.  His 5.67 with an .085 light was no match for Casey’s .042 light and a 5.31 at 273.  Then came the semifinal against Randy Meyers car with Julie Nataas driving.  Our 5.33 at 271 was going to come up short of her 5.23 at 276.

All in all, it was a very good outing for us.  Our best in a while.  Next stop Pomona for the World Finals.

Track and weather conditions were quite a bit different from Vegas.  Our first run was a nice 5.28 at 273.  The next two runs we did a little testing which resulted in a bit of tire shake.  The first shaker Casey shut it off and then pedaled it on the second one to a 5.38 at 273.  We were qualified seventh and put the car back to the non-test parts.

First round we went 5.24 at 275 a career best e.t. for Casey getting the win light over Ron August’s 5.37.  Second round we slowed a bit with warmer temperature and a better track.  A 5.30 at 273 easily covered Duane Shields 13.88 tire smoker.  Again, the semifinal was the end of the line for us.  Shawn Cowie put us in the right lane and when the car went over the bump the front end got light and headed for the centerline.  Shawn went 5.25 at 276 and went on to win the event.

When all the smoke cleared, we placed 5th in the West Region and 13th in the World.  We are thinking that is pretty good considering our limited schedule. It is a mere 78 days until we are back at Pomona for the Winter Nationals.  Unless we hit the lottery, we will run a very similar schedule next year.

We can’t thank all of you enough for helping us do this.  Without your help we couldn’t do it.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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