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"Notes & Quotes" from Tim Wilkerson, driver of the Levi, Ray & Shoup Shelby Mustang Funny Car, after Friday's qualifying sessions at Maple Grove Raceway were cancelled due to rain.


After staring at dire (and very wet) forecasts for much of the week, it would be difficult to find any one person at Maple Grove Raceway who would express shock and surprise at Friday's outcome. Consistent rain and very cool temperatures blanketed the entire region and showed no sign of any imminent departure, causing officials to give in to Mother Nature early in the day. The hope is to get two qualifying sessions in on Saturday, and then race as scheduled on Sunday.

"It wasn't exactly a big shocker, but you have to come out here and hope for the best," said Tim Wilkerson. "This is a really hard part of the country to forecast, because you've got regular weather fronts moving to the east, you also get coastal systems moving north, and the wet stuff can settle in and get kind of stuck here. Unfortunately, over the years we've sat through a lot of these at Maple Grove, so you get used to it but you don't have to like it. We'll just hope for the best, and I'm going to assume that we'll stay here until we get this race completed. There aren't many other options, really. We'll be patient, and we'll try to be optimistic. When it's dry, we'll be ready to go. We all just hope that Mother Nature cooperates a little bit."


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