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LEVI, RAY & SHOUP NHRA Nitro Funny Car

"Notes & Quotes" from Tim Wilkerson, driver of the Levi, Ray & Shoup Shelby Mustang Funny Car, after Saturday's lone qualifying session. The fields were set after the professional classes made one trip down the track, and the spotty rain returned. Sunday's eliminations are set to be run as scheduled.


Yes, the headline for this update correctly states that Tim Wilkerson will run out of the No. 4 spot on Sunday, on the "strength" of his 7.71-second pass made during the only qualifying session completed. The Funny Car class effectively went 1-for-16 in terms of full under-power runs, but what a run it was. Robert Hight stunned the class and the hardy crowd with not just a full pull, but a 3.922 at 329.34 mph, resetting both ends of the track record at historic Maple Grove Raceway. Ron Capps landed in the No. 2 spot when he expertly pedaled his car, Jack Beckman smoked his way into the No. 3 position with a 5.44, and Wilk landed fourth with his 7.71. He will face Tony Pedregon in round one.

"Possibly the weirdest session I've ever been a part of, but not just because it was cold and it's been raining for days, because that's not all that uncommon," Wilk said. "The fact 15 of us couldn't figure it out and Hight ran a 3.92 is just mind boggling. I can't think of anything like that in any other sport, where you're all trying to do the same thing. I guess maybe in golf, at the U.S. Open, everyone is 10-over-par and one guy shoots 10 under. That's about how crazy that run was.

"So we're all in the same boat for tomorrow, and we'll just take our best educated stab at what will again probably be a totally different track. Well, we're not necessarily all in the same boat. Robert Hight appears to be in his own personal yacht. Different day tomorrow, though. It ought to be fun."


Pairings for Round One in Funny Car

(1) Robert Hight vs (16) John Hale

(2) Ron Capps vs (15) Paul Lee

(3) Jack Beckman vs (14) Alexis DeJoria

(4) Tim Wilkerson vs (13) Tony Pedregon

(5) Matt Hagan vs (12) John Bojec

(6) Del Worsham vs (11) Tommy Johnson

(7) Cruz Pedregon vs (10) Courtney Force

(8) John Force vs (9) Chad Head


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