Vegas National and Regional Event 2019

Darien & Grisel Racing 2019

We rolled into Las Vegas for the 4 Wide National Event with fairly high hopes after enjoying a bit of performance at Pomona. We managed to qualify in the top half of the field with a 5.40 ET at only 259 MPH with 2 cylinders out at 4.00 seconds. First round found us on the losing end of Jasmine Salinas’ first round win of her career 5.48 to our 5.47.

At that point we made the decision to return for the Thursday test session before the regional race. We made some major changes for the first test run and were pleased with a 5.31 ET at 263 MPH still dropping cylinders just past the 1000” foot clocks. Four more attempts to repeat that 5.31 did not happen and we ended up .006 of a second short of qualifying.

We have good early numbers but when the cylinders drop we fall off 10 plus miles per hour and the ET falls off the tenth of a second we seem to be missing.

We have plenty of time before the next race to do homework and hopefully solve this problem that has plagued us for way too long. Our next race will be in Mission Canada, June 21-23.

Thank you all again for making it possible for us to “Live the Dream” or survive the nightmare.

Jerry & Casey

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