3-D SHARP : 3D-SHARP-220 : Universal Cutter Blade Shapener

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The Universal Cutter Blade Sharpener by Goodson is designed to keep your multi-angle cutter blades sharp.

A balanced, ball-bearing, fan cooled electric motor drives a 1-3/4" diamond lap to make fast work of sharpening blades, The unit has variable angle of plus or minus 15º to accommodate virtually any blade. Rounding out the Universal Cutter Blade Sharpener is a lighted on/off rocker switch and a safety catch tray with splash guard for lapping oil. The complete kit includes the Universal Cutter Blade Sharpener, Blade Holder, Diamond Lap Dressing Stick and 4 oz. Lapping Oil. Items are also available individually.

The Universal Cutter Blade Shapener by Goodson is available in 115V and 220V models.

Made in America

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3D-SHARP 115V | 3D-SHARP $1,049.99
3D-SHARP-220 230V | 3D-SHARP-220 $1,099.99