BG-KIT : 10 Piece Engine Cleaning Brush Kit

Goodson Tools & Supplies

Order No. BG-KIT

This Engine Rebuild Brush Kit includes 10 brushes to handle an average engine job. Use it as a starter set, then add other brushes for specific applications. The kit includes these brushes:

    1. 4" Nylon Cylinder Washing Brush (CWB-40)
    2. 11/32" Nylon Bristle Valve Guide Brush (GVP-2N
    3. 3/8" Nylon Bristle Valve Guide Brush (GVP-3N)
    4. 1" Lifter Bore Brush (LBB-100)
    5. Small Nylon Feed Hole Brush (OB-1)
    6. Block Oil Return Line Brush (OB-2
    7. 3/8" Oil Gallery Brush (OGB-38)
    8. 1/2" Oil Gallery Brush (OGB-42)
    9. 5/8" Oil Gallery Brush (OGB-5)
    10. Flow Through Parts Washing Brush (PCB-348)

All brushes in the Engine Rebuild Brush Kit are also available individually.


Due to the size of this item, dimensional shipping charges may apply.