Sunnen Dial Bore Gauge Setting Fixture & Adaptor


The SCF-502 Sunnen Dial Bore Gauge Setting Fixture from Goodson features a heavy stress-relieved cast iron base, lapped carbide micrometer anvils and built-in magnifier for fast, accurate set-up. Each setting fixture includes a master calibrating ring. This model combines a large micrometer head and 4 lapped setting standards covering a continuous range from .054" to 2.0" in .0001" increments. This setting fixture can use use inside or outside of the case.

CF-540 Size Setting Adaptor centers gauge probes between parallel reference surfaces. Use with the SCF-502 Setting Fixture.

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
SCF-502 Setting Fixture $2,591.10
CF-540 Size Setting Adaptor $1,167.09