Universal Repair Valve Seat Inserts (KPMI)


These Valve Seat Inserts are sized to fit popular valve seat dimensions. They are designed to effectively dissipate heat for consistent valve sealing. Each seat insert has a radiused edge for easy installation and they will harden during engine break-in.

AV&V Valve Seat Inserts have been discontinued by Goodson so they are subject to stock on hand. Kibblewhite Valve Seats are replacing the AV&V inserts.

Kibblewhite / AV&V Crossover

10-SC340 / MVS-42
10-SC430 / MVS-58
10-HC462 / HVS-1820
10-HC414 / MVS-50
10-HC494 / HVS-1945
10-HC573 / HVS-2257
crossovers unavailable for MVS-18, MVS-46, MVS-54 and HVS-1880

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
10-SC340 1.339" x 1.024" x.375" | Replaces MVS-42 $7.29
10-SC430 1.692" x 1.299" x .434" | Replaces MVS-58 $7.29
10-HC462 1.820" x 1.375" x .450" | Replaces HVS-1820 $7.29
10-HC494 1.945" x 1.375" x .440" | Replaces HVS-1945 $7.29
10-HC573 2.257" x 1.550" x 500" | Replaces HVS-2257 $7.29