GR-2241 : GR-2245 : Sunnen Dial Bore Gauges


These 24" Long Sunnen Dial Bore Gauges from Goodson feature retractable centralizers to ensure proper centralization over the entire diameter range. One twist adjusts the gauging tension so the head goes smoothly in and out of any size hole. Each gauge includes a shock shield to protect the dial from hand heat and jarring to ensure reading reliability.

Choose from .0001" and .0005" Reading Indicators.

Includes a metal case for accessories only.

Use with the Sunnen CF-1126 Setting Fixture (sold separately)

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
GR-2241 .0001" Reading Increments $1,574.42
GR-2245 .0005" Reading Increments $1,632.73