Replacement Oil Pump Belts for Sunnen Rod Honing Machines

Goodson Tools & Supplies

  • Use with older pin fitting / rod reconditioning machines 
  • Tech Tip: You must measure the belt you are replacing
  • Ordering is based on the belt length, not the machine model
  • If your belt size doesn't match one in the chart, order the next size down
    For example, if your belt measures 72-1/2", order the 70" belt
  • Belts stretch over time so the shorter belt will fit

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
RHB-70 70" L x 1/4" dia. $97.99
RHB-74 74" L x 1/4" dia. $97.99
RHB-85 85" L x 1/4" dia. $97.99
RHB-109 109" L x 1/4" dia. $113.99