Sunnen Honall Adaptor


Use these mandrel adaptors with your Sunnen Honall Hone Head. Use with K, BL, AK, BAL or Y Mandrels (PSK6-A is not for use with Y Mandrels).

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
PSK6-A .185" to .240" (4.7mm to 6.1mm) $90.43
PK8-A .245" to .280" (6.2mmm to 7.1mm) $90.44
PK10-A .308" to .362" (7.8mm to 9.2mm) $90.44
PK12-A .370" to .447" (9.4mm to 11.4mm) $90.44
PAK20-A .619" to .650" (15.7mm to 16.51mm) $87.38