Mondello Oldsmobile V-8 Engine Technical Reference Manual #4

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Order No. MA-OLDS

This limited edition book written by Joe Mondello (Dr. Olds) is also known as GM Manual #12480027. Last revised in 2010. 

Table of Contents Includes:

  1. An Office Visit with Dr. Olds
  2. Torque Converters
  3. Crankshafts
  4. Camshafts
  5. Cylinder Heads & Intake Manifolds
  6. Fastener Torque Specifications
  7. Engine Block Preparation
    Assembly Notes & Sealing
  8. Got Zinc? Your Camshaft's Best Friend
  9. Engine Blueprinting Tolerances
  10. Small Block Blueprinting Specifications
  11. Big Block Blueprinting Specifications
  12. Diesel Block Blueprinting Specifications
  13. Factory Super-Tuning Specs for Olds Engines & W-Machine Options
  14. Oldsmobile 350 Diesel to Gasoline Conversion Instructions