FCD-HP-KIT : Fluorescent High Performance Magnetic Crack Detection Kit

Goodson Tools & Supplies

Order No. FCD-HP-KIT

You've talked to us about how difficult it can be to see cracks in cylinder heads; especially under less than ideal lighting. We took that as a challenge and have found a solution!

If you use dry magnetic crack detection inspection methods you have GOT to see this kit. With the Fluorescent Magnetic Powder even the tiniest cracks will glow brightly under UV light. But you can also see them under normal lighting.

The complete Fluorescent Magnetic Crack Detection Kit includes:

  • 115V Heavy Duty Magnetic Crack Detector (MMP-210)
  • 1 pound of Green Fluorescent Powder (FCP-107-G)
  • A Powder Atomizer (MM-301)
  • Magnetic Crack Detection Oil Spray - 16 oz. (MFA-16)

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