High Performance Exhaust Valve Guides for Evolution, Twin Cam & Sportster

Goodson Tools & Supplies

Order No. HVG-5700


These Manganese-Bronze Valve Guides have a smooth finish to prevent damaging the head. A self-centering tapered section for fast installation. Chamfered on both sides. Each guide includes a shorter valve seal area for high lift applications (except on stock replacement models) and integral viton o-rings to prevent oil infiltration. The unfinished guide ID is ready to be precision reamed or honed to your exact requirements. Manganese bronze alloy allows tighter clearances for better heat dissipation, quieter running and longer engine life.

  • Use these guides for intake or exhaust
  • Goodson recommends our OE-style seals (HVS-531)
  • 2.10" Overall Length