S/KA-436 : Neway Economy Automotive Kit without Pilots

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The Special Order Economy Neway Valve Seat Cutter Kit is designed for use with .375" top pilots (sold separately). The 9-piece kit includes:

► 1-1/4" dia. cutter body, 31°x46° (NCU-203)
► 1-1/2" dia. cutter body, 31°x46° (S/NCU-622 or NCU-622H)
► 1-1/2" dia. cutter body, 15°x60° (S/NCU-213)
► 1-3/4" dia. cutter body, 31°x46° (S/NCU-642 or NCU-642H)
► 2" dia. cutter body, 31°x46° (NCU-652)
► 2" dia. cutter body, 15°x60° (S/NCU-288)
► T-Wrench (NTW-505)
► Storage Case (NCA-160)
► Accessory Kit (NKA-246)

NOTE: This is a Special Order Item, please allow 10-14 days for shipping. All components are also available individually. S/ at the beginning of the part number indicates that item is also a special order piece.