Serdi Style Tool Holders

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If you have a SERDI Seat & Guide Machine, you're in luck! Goodson has an unclaimed special order for a limited quantity of two sizes of tool holders for SCS & TRI bits. Both tool holders accommodate any pilot size with a 9.52mm - 3/8" shank and can be used with the full range of SERDI Seat & Guide Machines.

Tool channel measures .550" at the thickest part and is 11mm tall. 

Use SER-5700 with your SERDI 2700 tool bit holder. Use SER-5710 with your SERDI 2700, 2710 or 2711 tool bit holders.

These holder will NOT work with the 3-D Fast Cut Series Tool Holders.

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
SER-5700 Standard $249.99
SER-5710 Large $249.99