GREAT NEWS for Hyper-Finish Guide Hone Users

GREAT NEWS for Hyper-Finish Guide Hone Users

I sent a letter a couple of months ago, that stated in the event we could not supply a replacement diamond for your Hyper Finish Diamond Valve Guide Hone, that we would send you a complete mandrel for the same cost as the Diamond Abrasive. As you know we improved the manufacturing design of the Hyper Finish Diamond Sizing System and now call it the “Black Diamond” Sizing System.

At first I could not get the diamond abrasive to fully interchange with the newly designed and manufactured Black Diamond Series. Well, now the GREAT NEWS is that we have completed the diamond manufacturing and can confirm that we have diamond abrasive on the shelf and can service your existing diamond mandrels with replacement Diamond Abrasive in the event you do finally wear out the diamond abrasive.

Just call or email directly to Goodson and order your replacement diamond. (See chart.)

CNC electroplated diamond abrasive for the New Black Diamond Valve Guide Sizing System. Note, the new abrasive will fit old-style mandrels. 

These Replacement Diamond Abrasives are sized to fit the HYPER-FINISH Valve Guide Sizing System

Mandrel Size
(Order No.)


Black Diamond
Abrasive No. /Supersedes

5.0mm (BHFM-193C)

.193" to .203" (4.90 to 5.10mm)

BHFS-010 / HFS-193

5.5mm (BHFM-212C)

.212" to .232" (5.40 to 5.90mm)

BHFS-020 / HFS-212

6.0mm (BHFM-232C)

.232" to .253" (5.90 to 6.40mm)

BHFS-020 / HFS-232

6.5mm (BHFM-251C)

.251" to .271" (6.40 to 6.90mm)

BHFS-020 / HFS-251

7.0mm (BHFM-271C)

.271" to .311" (6.90 to 6.00mm)

BHFS-040 / HFS-271

.312" (BHFM-307C)

.311" to .350" (7.90 to 8.90mm)

BHFS-050 / HFS-307

.343" (BHFM-344C)

.334" to .374" (8.50 to 9.50mm)

BHFS-050 / HFS-343

.375" (BHFM-350C)

.350" to .389" (8.90 to 9.90mm)

BHFS-050 / HFS-350


We thank you for your continued support on this very accurate and long life tool for sizing valve guides and look forward to earning your business each and every day.


David P. Monyhan, National Sales Manager

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