New Product Development

Do you have the next great Engine Building Tool? How about an idea to make an existing tool better? Work with Goodson to manufacture and market your idea. 

We have several ways to compensate you when you do have the "next new product idea." We can have you manufacture the product and sell it directly to Goodson. We can make the tool and pay you a royalty for each one sold or we can buy the idea outright and then determine if it has be ability to fulfill a need in the engine building shop. 

Goodson is committed to developing new time-saving, task-easing tools. We're asking for help from engine builders and machinists like you to accomplish this task. 

Goodson New Product Development FormFor your protection, as well as ours, please complete the Invention Disclosure Agreement form. Show and describe your ideas to the best of your ability. The information and drawings need not be done in a professional style, but should clearly demonstrate your concept.

Be sure to make a copy of this information for your own records before submitting it to Goodson. Also be sure to save all of your original notes and sketches as well as any models or parts of models even if they have been replaced by later versions. Identify and date everything.

 For more information, email Richard Orlikowski or call Richard at 1-800-533-8010.