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On The Level About Levels | Tech Lab Tuesday

This All NEW episode of Tech Lab Tuesday is all about leveling - specifically using the Goodson Valve Guide Level. Dave Monyhan returns to explain how to calibrate the level, then how to level the machine to the level and finally how to level the workpiece to the level and the leveled machine.

Products Used In This Video:

Valve Spring Compressors | Tech Lab Tuesday Video

In this new Tech Lab Tuesday episode, Dave Monyhan takes us on a tour of the manual and pneumatic Valve Spring Compressors in the Goodson product line. 

Products Used In This Video:

  • Standard Manual Valve Spring Compressor (CF-1500)
  • Heavy Duty Manual Valve Spring Compressor (CF-1300)
  • Adjustable Pneumatic Valve Spring Compressor (CF-2002)
  • Diesel Adjustable Pneumatic Valve Spring Compressor (CF-2008)
  • Two-Stage Pneumatic Valve Spring Compressor (GSC-1000)

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Valve Lapping Tools & Techniques | Tech Lab Tuesday Video

In this episode of Tech Lab Tuesday, Goodson's own Dave Monyhan talks about lapping as in Valve Lapping. Not only does he explain how lapping works and why you would want to lap your valves, he demonstrates several of the lapping tools available.

Tools & Supplies Used In This Video:

Valve Spring Testing | Tech Lab Tuesday Video

This episode of Tech Lab Tuesday is all about Valve Spring Testers. Get information on why to test springs, how to test them and the differences between the Goodson Analog Spring Tester (VST-60G) and the Intercomp Digital Spring Tester (VST-2000).

Products Mentioned In This Video:

  • 600 lb. Analog Valve Spring Tester (VST-60G)
  • 1,500 lb. Digital Valve Spring Tester (VST-2000)
  • Calibrated Test Spring (VST-95)

A Not So Technical Tech Lab Tuesday Video

Dave Monyhan Farewell Tour Logo

We're kicking off the official start of the Dave Monyhan Farewell Tour (he's retiring at the end of 2021) with this entertaining look behind the scenes of Tech Lab Tuesday.

Sit back and enjoy the antics and out-takes that don't make it to the finished videos.


Valve & Seat Concentricity | Tech Lab Tuesday Video

Concentricity is an essential when building or rebuilding an engine. If your seats aren't concentric to the valve stem or your valve stem isn't concentric to the valve face your engine won't perform properly. 

In this episode of Tech Lab Tuesday, Dave Monyhan demonstrates how to measure concentricity. After all, if you're not measuring you're just guessing!

Products Used in This Video

As always, if you have any questions about the topics or tools in this video or any other tech question, feel free to contact the Goodson Techxperts™ by email or phone (1-800-533-8010).

Magnets in the Machine Shop | Tech Lab Tuesday Video

This edition of Tech Lab Tuesday is all about magnets and their applications in the machine shop.  

In this video, Dave Monyhan talks about Goodson's Universal Coolant Magnet, Magnetic Washer & Shim Removers, the Magnetic Deck Bridge, Keeper Magnets, Magnetic Base Holders, Flywheel Depth Gauge, Dealing with Residual Magnetism, Magnetic Brake Lathe Silencers and more.

Products Mentioned In This Video

As always if you have questions about any of these products or any other technical question, feel free to contact us by email or phone (1-800-533-8010).

PRI Show Preview | Tech Lab Tuesday

We're excited the PRI Show is returning for 2021. We hope you are too!

Here's a little preview video we put together for you. 

Visit Goodson Tools & Supplies in Booth 5741 on Machinery Row

See you there!

Seat Grinding, Part 2 | Tech Lab Tuesday Video

Part 2 of our Tech Lab Tuesday Valve Seat Grinding series features information about the Valve Seat Stone Dressers and Drivers available from Goodson. Dave also includes a tech tip for stone dressing you'll want to catch.

Did you miss Part 1? Watch it now.

Products Mentioned In This Video

Valve Seat Grinding | Tech Lab Tuesday Video

Today's high-tech machine shop uses a variety of methods in valve seat work. One that's been around for years is Valve Seat Grinding and that's the topic of this episode of Tech Lab Tuesday. In the first part of this series, Dave Monyhan gives an overview of valve seat grinding wheel formulations then explains why Goodson offers so many stone holders.

Products Mentioned in This Video

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