Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I already have an account with Goodson; do I need to create a new one online?

Your existing Goodson account is good both when you call in an order and when you order online. The first time you order online, you will need to enter your bill-to and ship-to information, but our computer system will link that information to your existing account. By creating a username and password online your account information will be saved, and you won't need to re-enter it each time you order online. 

Goodson Payment OptionsHow can I put my order on my Goodson account?

When you check out, you will be given the option to choose your Goodson account just like you would a credit card. 

Why should I create an online account? What are the advantages?

Goodson recommends creating an online account for several reasons.

  1. Convenience when ordering. Once you've created an account, your billing and shipping information is saved so you won't need to re-enter it every time you order.
  2. Order Archive. Having an online account create an archive of the items you have ordered so you can check back on what you've ordered and when.
  3. Personalized Service. An online account also enables Goodson to provide you with personalized service. For instance, if you are tax exempt or have a discount arrangement with Goodson, these can be applied to your online orders so you can see your final total with these items calculated.

What are my shipping options in the US?

Goodson uses FedEx, UPS, Spee-Dee, USPS & Common CarriersGoodson prides itself on our ability to ship the vast majority of orders the same day they are received. We use the most common shipping companies to get your order to you as quickly as possible at the lowest price possible. Goodson uses FedEx, UPS, Spee-Dee (a regional carrier) and the US Postal Service for most shipments. Some of the larger items such as the Diesel Spring Bench (DSB-7000), Pneumatic Valve Spring Bench (PSB-5000), Vertical Mill Roll-Over Fixture (VM-42) and large size crank and cam grinding wheels are shipped by common carrier.

NOTE: Some of our shipping providers pick up at different times so we have established the following cut-off times:

  • Speedee: noon
  • FedEx Ground: 3:00pm
  • FedEx Saver & FedEx Air: 4:30pm
  • UPS: 4:30pm

If your order is placed close to these cut-off times, we may choose to ship your order by a carrier other than the one you specified in order to get it to you in three days or less. If you prefer we use the carrier you have specified, please make note of that in the notes section on the check out.

How long will it take to get my order?

We pride ourselves on our ability to ship the vast majority of orders on the same day they are placed. Please note the following instances that will impact this:

  • Any online orders made after 3:00pm CST (central standard time)
  • Any orders placed on weekends
  • Any orders placed on holidays

If you place an order and any of these apply to the time/day that order has been placed, that order will be processed on the next business day.

Once the order is shipped, Goodson guarantees you will have it in your hands in three days or less within the Continental US. We, of course, can't be held responsible for delays due to weather or natural disaster. 

Goodson's Guarantee is Iron-CladWhat is your guarantee?

Goodson won't risk losing your business for any reason. If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will fix it, exchange it or credit your account for the purchase price. The only time we can't honor this guarantee is if the product has been modified or damaged through misuse.

Abrasives have a shelf life so we can only guarantee them for one year from the original purchase date.

How can I return an item?

You may return any item, except special orders, within 60 days. We will do our best to correct any problems or to send a replacement. If an item was damaged through misuse or modification, Goodson will not accept it as a return. Credit will only be issued after it is determined that the part is able to be resold or is defective.

To return an item, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Write a short note explaining why you are returning the product. In order for us to process your return quickly, be sure to include your name and account number. 
  2. Ship the item you are returning within 60 days of purchase to:
    Goodson Tools & Supplies for Engine Builders
    ATTN: Returns
    156 Galewski Drive
    Winona, MN 55987

For best results, we recommend you ship return merchandise by a tracked shipping method. Keep your receipt as it may be necessary to track your package if it is lost in transit.

A 10% restocking fee applies on all returns unless the problem was a fault of Goodson. If so, the restocking fee is waived and shipping costs are reimbursed.

For more information, feel free to email or call Goodson at 1-800-533-8010 or 507-452-1830.

Why does Goodson collect sales tax in my state?

You may have heard news stories about whether or not purchases made out-of-state should be subject to sales tax. The government has put into place what they're calling "economic nexus." In other words, if a company makes a certain level of sales in a state that company must collect and pay sales tax to that state's government. We have reached that level in several states, so we have started to collect sales tax in them.

I have a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for my state. Will I still have to pay sales tax?

No. As long as Goodson has a copy of your current Sales Tax Exemption Certificate on file, we will not have to charge sales tax. You can fax your current Sales Tax Certificate to Goodson (507-452-2907 or 800-466-3909) or email it to our accounting department.

I order offline too. Will those orders be taxed as well?

Once we have your Sales Tax Exemption Certificate on file, no taxes will be charged regardless of how you place the order.

International Sales

Do you have any International Distributors?

Yes! Goodson has agreements with several distributors around the world. To find a complete list, visit our International Distributors Page.

Do I have to order through a Distributor?

If you are in an area where we have a distributor (see distributor listing) you must order through them. Specific countries affected by this are: Austria, Belgium, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Turkey and Venezuela. You will NOT be able to place an online order for shipment to these countries.

Are there any products you can't ship to other countries?

Unfortunately, there are a few.

Sunnen Products
Goodson is only authorized to ship Sunnen products to countries in North America, Latin America and South America. To purchase Sunnen products in other parts of the world, contact Sunnen to find a distributor in your area.

Aerosols are classified as a hazardous material when shipped by air. We can ship aerosols internationally, but shipping and surcharges may make it unreasonable. We recommend you talk with our international distributors for aerosols, as they try to keep stock on hand, saving you the hazardous fees.

Certain products cannot be shipped to select areas of the world due to their nature and potential uses. This list is ever changing, so if you're in doubt, email the Goodson Export Department.

What international shipping options do I have?

As with orders within the United States, Goodson uses the most common shippers such as FedEx, UPS and the US Postal Service. We also use freight forwarders to get your orders to you as quickly as possible for the best possible rates.

What are my payment options?

International customers have several payment options. You may be able to use a credit card, but international transactions can sometimes be a problem. Therefore, we recommend Paypal for orders outside of the US and Canada. 

Bank Transfers are also acceptable from international customers. Email the Goodson export department for more information.

All NEW international customers must fill out the International Customer Questionaire before orders can be shipped.

I speak a language other than English, can I still order?

Yes but it is best to order through the website. 

We do not have anyone who speaks French fluently, however, inquiries can be sent via email. In addition, one of our Canadian Distributors, Promach, located in Quebec can handle most French inquiries.

Still need answers?

We've tried to include as much information here as possible, but if we missed your question, send us an email or call us at 800-533-8010 or 507-452-1830.