Product Instructions & Safety Data Sheets

Many Goodson products come with Product Instructions and/or Safety Data Sheets. We encourage you to keep these with the tool for quick reference. Of course, sometimes things don't go as planned and these documents disappear. Use the expandable menus below find what you're looking for. Click on the + sign at the right side of the menu to see what's in each section.

If you still can't find what you need, feel free to email or call Goodson (1-800-533-8010); we may have just what you're looking for in our archives.

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Product instructions | Safety data sheets


3085 Spindle Boot Installation

6936 Cross Feed Extension Plate Installation

3D-375-KIT / 3D-385-KIT / 3D-390-KIT / 3D-437-KIT 3D-Fast Cut Starter Tooling Kits

3D-1999C / 3D-2000C / 3D-2001C / 3D-2002C Valve Seat Removal Tooling

3D-SHARP Universal Cutter Blade Sharpener

3DM-236 3-D Fast Cut Micro Setting Micrometer

AC-KIT Alumni-Chek Dye Penetrant Crack Detection

AG-300 Sunnen AG-Series Precision Gauge

AGS-310 Pneumatic Gasket Scraper

AN-30 Sunnen Silicon Cylinder Compound

ASI-375 / ASI-375C / ASI-437 Super-Stud™ Stud Installers

AVG-MM / AVG-STD Adjustable Valve Guide Driver With Replaceable Pilots

AVLP-300 Air Powered Valve Lapping Tool

BG-100 Hydro-Air Gun

BHF-KIT Hyper-Finish Master Tool Kit

BRF-25C / BRF-25F / BRF-25M Brake Rotor Flex-Hones®

BRS-130 Goodson Rod Support for Sunnen Pin Press Tooling

BSE-20 Balance Shaft Elimination Kit

BVR-38 Black & Decker Replacement Collet

BRONZE-WALL Installation

BRONZE-WALL 2 Installation

CBN CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels

CBT-300 Universal Cam Bearing Tool

CCB-KIT Deluxe CC Measurement Kit

CE-6 Disc & Rotor Silencer

CE-26 Brake Lathe Silencer

CF-140 Manual Valve Spring Adaptor

CF-500 Manual Valve Spring Bench

CF-1500 Manual Valve Spring Compressor

CF-2002 Pneumatic Adjustable Valve Spring Compressor

CF-2004 Pneumatic Valve Spring Compressor

CF-2008 Pneumatic Adjustable Diesel Valve spring Compressor

CF-HDIF On-The-Engine V-Twin Valve Spring Compressor

CHC-10 Chevrolet Cylinder Head Conversion Plate

CL-5.5MM / CL-6MM / CL6.6MM / CL-7MM / CL-312MM / CL-8MM / CL-343 / CL-375 Bronze-Liner Master Tool Kits

CPS-32 Seal-All

CRANKWHEEL Crankshaft Grinding Wheels

CRK-150 Complete Crack Repair Manual

CSG-1 Crank Stroke Gauge

CVB-100 Crankshaft Machining Blocks

D-CI25 Cast Iron Detergent

DBG-FIX Dial Bore Gauge Setting Fixture

DDG-05 Distributor Depth Gauge

DHT-100 Diesel Heat Tabs

DT-27 / DT-27U Tensioner Stop Block for Chrysler 2.7 DOHC

DVC-101-HD Manual Vacuum Tester

DVC-2011 Piston Grip Vacuum Tester

DVRT-7MM-KIT / DVRT-8MM-KIT Diesel Relief Tooling

DWA-300 Adjustable Counterbore Cutter Kit

EB-416 Tube Grip Dispensing Pliers

EBG-265 Economy Bore Gauges

EBT-15 Eliptibur Tool

EPL-110 Engine Pre-Lube Tank

ERH-2220 Electric Rod Heater

EST-10 Engine Seal Tabs

FBG-146 Cylinder Dial Bore Gauge

FIT-1-G Oil Filter Inspection Tool

FP-20 Manual Frost Plug Tool Kit

FRA-5532 Ford Rotor Adaptor

FW-2 / FW-88 Fluid Weld

GA-300 Pin Pal Dowel Puller

GA-300E-R Pin Pal Puller Replacement Jaws

GA-600 / GA-600M Dowel Puller & Collet Kits

GBP-20 Micro Biostat

GEO-SC Variable Speed Control

GH-2555 Goodson Heavy Duty Hone Mandrel

GLO-300 Ultraviolet Inspection Light

GLO-GED Gasoline Engine Dye

GLO-KIT Goodson Glow Blacklight Crack Detection Kit

GPT-043 / GPT-062 / GPT-078 Gas Porting Drill Fixture Kits

GSC-1000 High Performance Valve Spring Compressor

HCH-3-R-S Big Block Chevy Bowtie Torque Plate

HF-1000 Hyper-Finish Honing Station

HGM-LS1 Chevy LS1 Torque Plate

HGR Solid Carbide Valve Guide Reamers for Manganese Bronze Guides

HH-200 Universal Cylinder Head Holder

HT-45RC Rockwell Hardness Tester

HT-100 Heat Tabs

JVE-26 Jet Valve Eliminator Kits for Mitsubishi Built Engines

LEVELS Calibrating and Maintaining Your Precision Machinists Level

LSB-78529 Lead Screw Bushing Replacement

MDBS-2 Magnetic Deck Bridge

MGA-MIC Counterbore Cutter Setting Micrometer

MHS-40 Mercedes Head Saver Shims

MHT-50 Marine Heat Tabs

MICROMETER Micrometer Best Practices

OGW-1 Oil Gallery Wax

P-180 Sunnen Honall® Head & Driver Set

P-190 Sunnen Honall® Valve Guide Hone Set

PCP-1072 PCP-1072-2 / PCP-1072E / PCP-1072-2E 72" Portable Crankshaft Polisher

PPE-1 Universal Piston Pin Extractor Kit

PPE-7082 Piston Pin Removal Fixture

PPS-KIT Oil Gallery Plug Remover Kit

PRF-500 Manual Ring Grinder

PRF-812DW / PRF-822DW Powered Ring Filer with Deburring Wheel

PRK-99 Intake Port Reshaping Kit

PSB-5000 Pneumatic Valve Spring Bench

PSR-500 1/2" Impact Stud Remover

RH-50 / RH-50N Gas Fired Rod Heater

RRJ-350 Reluctor Ring Installation Tool

RSB-BOOT-PK/RSB-KIT/RSB-3085 Boot Replacement Instructions

S-450-KIT Rocker Arm Stud Conversion Kit

SBF-5587 Stud Boss Facer

SCG-375 Precision Valve Seat Run-Out Gauge

SDJ-1 Starter Drill Jig

SGF-110-KIT / SGF-220-KIT Flex Drive Motor Seat Grinding Kit

SGH-110-KIT / SGH-220-KIT Hex Drive Motor Seat Grinding Kit

SGK-110-KIT / SGK-220-KIT Spline Drive Motor Seat Grinding Kit

SM-350 Stroker Mimic

SP-600 Rocker Arm Stud Puller

SPD-46 Small Parts Demagnetizer

SWD-UNI Universal Valve Seat Stone Dressing Stand with Diamond

SX-18204 Sioux 1710 Electric Driver Replacement Switch

TB-KIT Tapered Pin Bushing Press Kit

TQR-4554 Torque Angle Indicator

UCM-348 Universal Coolant Magnet

USD-MD50 Medium Duty Ultrasonic Detergent

UVRC-46 Small Diameter Valve Adaptor for 1/2" Chucks

VGL-100 Valve Guide Level

VKI-35 Small OHV Engine Keeper Removal / Installation Tool

VLV-50 Vacuum Style Valve Lapping Stick

VSG-375 / VSG-385 Valve Seat Run-Out Gauge

VSHG-375 Valve Seat Height Gauge

VSH-200 Valve Stem Height Gauge Kit

VSH-KIT Deluxe Valve Stem Height Gauge Kit with Stand

VST-25 Valve Spring Tester Height Indicator Attachment

VST-95 Calibrated Spring

VST-60G Goodson Analog Valve Spring Tester

VST-2000 Intercomp Digital Arbor Valve Spring Tester

Safety Data Sheets

AC-1 Cleaner

AC-2 Penetrant

AC-3 Developer

AC-KIT Alumni-Chek Kit

AL-22-8 / AL-22-10 Blood Friction Master

ALB-1 Last Blast Aluminum Paint

ALB-1-HT High Temp Last Blast Aluminum Paint

AN-30 Silicon Cylinder Compound

AWS-16 All Weather Seal

B-200 Sunnen Press Fit Lube Aerosol

B-200L Sunnen Press Fit Lube w/Brush

BPL-2400 Synthetic Hi Temp Pastelub

BS-12 Brake Silencer Spray

BW-303-G Bronze Reaming Oil

CBL-2800 Brake Ceramlub

CGC-10 / CGC-50 Crankshaft Grinding Coolant

CGC-1288 / CGC-5288 All Purpose Grinding Coolant

CLB-58 Last Blast Glossy GM Black

CLB-58-HT High Temp Matte Black

CLB-59 Last Blast Ford/Chrysler Red

CLB-60 Last Blast Ford Blue

CLB-61 Last Blast Chevy Orange

CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels

CPR-16 Crankshaft Polishing Rouge

CPS-32 Seal-All™ Polymer Sealer

CRS-16 Ceramic Motor Seal

CSAP-4 / CSAP-625 Cam-Shield® Assembly Lube

CTF-14 Cutting & Tapping Machining Fluid Aerosol

D-AL50 Concentrated Hot Tank Detergent for Non-Ferrous Parts

D-CI25 Concentrated Hot Tank Detergent for Ferrous Parts

D-FOAM-10 / D-FOAM-128 Defoaming Agent

DHO-8 / DHO-10 / DHO-50 Diamond Honing Oil

DVC-PL Plate Lube

EPL-4 Extreme Pressure Lube

EST-10 Engine Seal Tabs

FCP-107-G / FCP-507-G / FCP-2507-G Fluorescent Green Magnetic Powder

FG-1101-G / FG-1102-G Flywheel Grinder Coolant

FG-1131-G Flywheel Table Lube

FL-10 / FL-128 First Lube Engine Assembly Lube

FW-2 / FW-88 Fluid Weld®

GB-CM Glass Beat Cleaning Media

GBP-20 Micro Biostat

GCB-LIQUID CC Measuring Liquid Concentrate

GCR-14A-4 / GCR-14A Magnetic Powder for Wet Method Crack Detection (use with GCR-50 Oil Carrier)

GCR-50 Crack Detection Oil Carrier (use with GCR-14A-4 or GCR-14A)

GL-8U Universal Gel Lube Aerosol

GLO-1 Cleaner

GLO-2 Penetrant

GLO-3 Developer

GLO-KIT Goodson Glo Crack Detection Kit

GLO-GED Gasoline Engine Dye

GPC-10 / GPC-50 Multi-Duty Grinding Coolant

GRA-10 Grind Aid Lubricant

HBS-1 Hylomar High Performance Gasket Maker & Thread Sealer

HO-4 / HO-10 / HO-50 Goodson Clear Honing Oil

HPS-4 & HPS-16 High Performance Resurfacing Spray

HTA-3 Heat Tab Adhesive

LB-1 Last Blast Cast Iron Gray

LB-1-HT High Temp Last Blast Cast Iron Gray

LP-LO-4 / LP-LO-8 Lapping Oil

MFA-16 Magnetic Crack Detection Spray

MFA-50 Magnetic Crack Detection Oil (impregnated with magnetic particles)

MFF-8 Minnesota Fast Freeze

MM-010 Metal Marker - Black

MM-030 Metal Marker - Yellow

MM-050 Metal Marker - White

MM-060 Metal Marker - Green

MM-070 Metal Marker - Red

MM-080 Metal Marker - Blue

MM-STD - Metal Marker - Orange

OGW-1 Oil Gallery Wax

PB-75 Prussian Blue Paste

PD-10 / PD-50 Multi-Purpose Parts Degreasing Detergent

PF-32 Porting & Polishing Machining Aid

PF-2020 Valve Seat Machining Aid

PFL-200 Goodson Press Fit Lubricant

PJS-50 Pro-Jet Spray Cleaner for Cast Iron & Aluminum

PRI-10 Pressure Tester Rust Inhibitor

PRK-99 Port Reshaping Epoxy Kit

PT-SOL Parts Tumbler Solution

PTM-20BC / PTM-20D Steel Ballcone Media / Steel Diagonal Media

PTM-20CR Ceramic Diagonal Media

RESIN Resin Bonded Abrasives

RHO-10 / RHO-50 Rod Honing Oil

RPC-2A / RPC-35A Cosmoline®

RPO-10 Rust Proofing Oil

RS-16-OD Rust Shield - Long Term Formula

RS-16 Rust Shield - Short Term Formula

RS-128 Rust Shield Liquid

SAL-11 Spray Assembly Lube

SBF-16 Spray Bluing Fluid

SCF-2 / SCF-10 Valve Seat Cutting Fluid

SGB-10 / SGB-50 Belt Resurfacer Coolant

SGC-10 / SGC-50 Surface Grinding Coolant

SMB-170 Armex® Soda Blast Cleaning Media

SS-CM Steel Shot Media

SS-CS / SS-CW Stainless Steel Shot / Wire Cleaning Media


TAP-O Tap Oil

TIC-450 Temperature Indicating Crayon - 450º

TIC-500 Temperature Indicating Crayon - 500º

TIC-600 Temperaturre Indicating Crayon - 600º

USD-HD50 Ultrasonic Detergent - Heavy Duty

USD-MD50 Ultrasonic Detergent - Medium Duty

VBF-2 / VBF-4 Blue Layout Fluid

VGA-T32 High Performance Valve Grinding Aid

VGO-10 / VGO-50 Valve Grinding OIl

VGO-SD10 / VGO-SD50 Severe Duty V alve Refacing Oil

VITRIFIED Vitrified Bonded Abrasives

VLC-4 Combo Pack, 120, 280 Grit Valve Lapping Compound

VLC-120 120 Grit Valve Lapping Compound

VLC-180 180 Grit Valve Lapping Compound

VLC-280 280 Grit Valve Lapping Compound

VLC-2-400 400 Grit Valve Lapping Compound

VLC-2-600 600 Grit Valve Lapping Compound

VLC-2-800 800 Grit Valve Lapping Compound

VLC-2-1200 1200 Grit Valve Lapping Compound

VRF-2 / VRF-4 Red Layout Fluid

WCD-100-G / WCD-500-G / WCD-2500-G Magnetic Powder - Gray

WCD-101-G / WCD-501-G / WCD-2501-G Magnetic Powder - Yellow

WCD-103-G / WCD-503-G / WCD-2503-G Magnetic Powder - Red

WIRE WHEELS Carbon Steel Wire Wheels

WLB-46-G / WLB-47-G Knurlube

WO-50 Way Oil

Obsolete Products

APK-100 Porting & Polishing Kit : INSTR

ASR-375 / ASR-375C / ASR-437 Super-Stud™ Stud Removers Instructions

CF-2003 Pneumatic Valve Spring Retrofit Kit : INSTR

CF-24-G / CF-25-G / CF-32 Recessed Valve Spring Adaptors

CF-3000B On-The-Bench Pneumatic Valve Spring Compressor

CR-50 Oil Carrier for CR-14A : SDS

CR-14AM Magnaglo Bath Spray : SDS

DHR-34 Bench Top Head Straightening Oven : INSTR

DMBG-3550 90º Metric Dial Bore Gauge : INSTR

DMBG-50160 90º Metric Dial Bore Gauge

EOT-16 High Pressure Lube : SDS

EPL-120 12 Qt. Engine Pre-Lube Tank : INSTR

FBP-25, FBP-54 Chevy 400/454 Flywheel Balance Plates : INSTR

FIT-1 Oil Filter Inspection Tool (Old Model) : INSTR

GLO-ATD Automatic Transmission Dye : INSTR : SDS

GLO-CAD Anti-freeze / Coolant Dye : INSTR : SDS

GSE-1300 Small Engine Hone Tank : INSTR

GT-29495 3/4 & 1-Ton Rotor Adaptor : INSTR

GT-70040 / GT-70041 Quick Chuck Adaptor Kit : INSTR

GT-8069 / GT-8070 Universal Wheel Clamps : INSTR

HAS-16 Hylomar Solvent : SDS

HHD-2CAM Twin Cam / V-Rod Torque Plate : INSTR

HHD-SEV Evolution / Shovel Torque Plate : INSTR

HHP-6 Universal Harley Head Plate : INSTR

HHP-23 Double Harley Head Plate

HHS-601 Harley Head Stand : INSTR

HL-1600 Lisle Small Diameter Cylinder Hone

HSF-500 Head Straightening Fixtures

HN-218 / HN-218HD Goodson Cylinder Hones : INSTR (see GH-2555)

HSR-1625D Exhaust Port Scribing D-Ring : INSTR

HVS-6000-7SG AV&V High Performance 7mm Beehive Spring Kit

ILD-612 Internal Leak Detection Fluid : SDS : INSTR

LDT-50 Dual Gauge Leak-Down Tester

MCB-90 90º Dial Bore Gauge

MCBG-160 Metric Dial Bore Gauge

MGL-130 / MGL-131 Accu-Finish Diamond Wheels : SDS

MSI / MSR Metric Stud Removers : INSTR (same as ASI/ASR)

MVS-180 Valve Spring Height Gauge : INSTR

NVC-3 Neway Gizmatic Valve Seat Cutter : INSTR

OSD-60, OSD-65PR Oil Dipstick Conversion Parts : INSTR

RHS-249 / RSH-350 / RSH-PILOT Rear Main Seal Holders & lignment Pilot : INSTR


VM-42 Vertical Mill Roll-Over Fixture

VSH-HD-KIT Harley Dial Indicating Valve Stem Height Kit : INSTR

VSP-KIT Valve Seal Puller Kit : INSTR

VST-300 / VST-600 Valve Spring Tester : INSTR