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Darien & Grisel Race Update

Darien & Grisel Race Update
During this crazy year we finally got to go to another race. Wild Horse Pass Raceway put on a Double Divisional and a West Region Regional. 

Where's Your Koozie Contest Winner Is

Goodson Koozie at the Eiffel Tower - 2020 Contest Winner!

Entered by Randy Bauer

Thank you to all who entered the contest. 
You can see all entries in the Koozie Contest Gallery.

Darien Grisel Racing Update

Darien Grisel Racing Update

It is hard to believe that we had to wait 167 days to go racing again after the Winternationals but thankfully we got to go to Sonoma last week-end.

Things started out extremely well with a great 5.24 ET at 277 MPH. 

Kwik Way Seat Grinding Kit Video

We're sorry, the video is no longer available. We are working on a new version.

The Original Powered Piston Ring Filer - Introduced by Goodson in 2003

Dave Monyhan puts on his "tech" hat to demonstrate the ins and outs of using the Original Powered Piston Ring Filer (PRF-812) from Goodson in this video.

Goodson Catalog Covers Throughout the Years

Check out this gallery of Goodson catalog covers from as far back as we have on file. Have a favorite? Tell us which one it is in the comments section.

When Does One-Thousandth Of An Inch Equal a Mile?

When Does One-Thousandth Of An Inch Equal a Mile?
Measuring tools are the most critical tools in your shop. They must be of high quality, they must be calibrated, if not you will surely not read a critical dimension correctly and then that engine you just built will be blown up before it gets warmed up. Micrometers, dial bore gauges, setting fixtures, RA surface measuring tools, stem height gauges, dial indicators, calipers, run out gauges, hardness testers. All of these tools just have to be spot on accurate. This is one area you simply cannot compromise. The higher the quality resulting in the higher cost of measuring tools will in fact pay for themselves over time.

From The Archives - 1997 Group Photo

1997 Goodson Employee Photo

This group photo of Goodson employees was taken in 1997. Several of these people are still with Goodson, 23 years later! Can you name them?

Check out the small photo below for the answer.



!997 Goodson employee photo key

Click the photo for a larger view

Where's Your Koozie?

Where's Your Koozie?

Goodson is 75 Years Old This Year!

While we're having an interesting year, we thought we'd lighten things up a bit with a good old fashioned contest.

The Rules are simple!

  1. Must be photos using a Goodson koozie (you can use another koozie, but you won't be eligible to win)
  2. Photos will be judged on creativity and location
  3. No entry limit, send as many as you want!
  4. Deadline is August 31st at 11:59 pm
  5. Email photos to Goodson or post them in the comments section below.

Winner will receive a Goodson 75th Anniversary t-shirt, Goodson 75th Anniversary koozie and a Goodson racing hat!

Get those creative juices flowing and think of some awesome photos to capture once life gets back to normal! We can't wait to see them! Good luck!

The Harley Davidson® WLA45

The Harley Davidson® WLA45
It might be a stretch to say that Harley-Davidson® won the war in Europe, but there were certainly instrumental in the Allied victory. Very early into WWII, it was apparent that troops needed total mechanization. Special motorcycles were developed for the infantry and armored divisions.
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