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Machining Bucket Lifters | Tech Lab Tuesday Video

This week's episode of Tech Lab Tuesday demonstrates just how easy it is to machine bucket lifters to maintain valve lash. Dave Monyhan discusses your other options then shows the Bucket Lifter Grinder (BLG-1000) in action.

Next week, Dave give a brief explanation on the differences between bucket lifters. 

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The Differences Between Flex-Hones & Ultra-Finish Hones | Video

In this episode of Tech Lab Tuesday, Dave Monyhan takes on a frequently asked question: "What's the Difference Between Flex-Hones and Ultra-Finish Hones?" He explains what you need to consider when choosing the abrasive and how to tell which one you have.

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Head Assembly & Disassembly Using the Manual Valve Spring Press

We're back for Season 2 of Tech Lab Tuesday! 

In this week's video Dave Monyhan shows some of the features of the newly redesigned Manual Valve Spring Press (CF-500). He then goes on to show how easy it is to remove and install keepers using the unit. 

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Goodson Race Day 2021

The NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals at Brainerd, Minnesota were this past weekend, With the race so close to Goodson, several race teams stopped by on Tuesday, August 17 to say hello. This gave the employee owners a chance to say a great big "WE LOVE THIS SPORT!" to each and every person involved in the sport of racing.

Goodson Race Day 2021 Group Photo by Samsel Racing's Top Alcohol Dragster

 Unloading Dale Creasy, Jr. Car

Unloading Samsel Racing Dragster

Dave's & Shawn's cars

Cooper Lawson's Jr. Dragster

Lawson Racing

 Kids admiring Jr. Dragster

Checking out Samsel Racing Top Alcohol Dragster

Dale Creasy, Jr. Funny Car

Lunch being enjoyed

Checking out the cars

Fun on the river after the event

 Group photo in front of Dale Creasy's car

Group photo in front of the local cars


Introducing SABER TOOTH Valve Seat Cutter Blades

Saber Tooth Valve Seat Cutters

We're excited here at Goodson to introduce a game-changer in the world of valve seat cutting. The SABER TOOTH Valve Seat Cutter Blade is manufactured from a special alloy that makes cutting hardened and multi-alloy valve seat materials easier.

In tests conducted prior to the launch, the SABER TOOTH cutters provided up to 30% longer life. Every cutter blade in the Goodson line will be converted to the SABER TOOTH, starting with the seat cutter blades. We are blending the new stock in with the existing stock. You'll find a sticker on the outside of the package with the SABER TOOTH logo on it if it contains the new blades. 

Saber Tooth Valve Seat Cutter Detail

Goodson is making things easier for you by keeping all of the part numbers exactly as they are now. If you ordered an FT-003B-HP before, that's what you'll order in the future. You'll be able to tell the SABER TOOTH cutters by the logo engraved into the surface. You'll also find the cutter's part number engraved on the back side for easy reference. 

30th Annual Goodson Awards Banquet

Every year Goodson holds a banquet in honor of employee-owners celebrating a milestone workiversary. This video celebrates those milestones for 2021.

Darien-Grisel Racing Seattle Update

Darien-Grisel Racing Seattle Update
We rolled into Pacific Raceway in Kent Washington with pretty high hopes after our good weekend at the Las Vegas 4-Wide race. Read on for more details.

Tech Lab Tuesday | Didja Know?

We're taking a little side trip in today's episode of Tech Lab Tuesday. This episode is called "Didja Know?" and in it Dave Monyhan talks about some of the suppliers Goodson works with every day, including Sunnen, Brush Research, Radiac, QualCast and Kibblewhite. 

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Crankshaft Grinding Wheels | Tech Lab Tuesday Video

We're moving from the 3-D Fast Cut System to Crankshaft Grinding Wheels in this week's episode of Tech Lab Tuesday. 

Goodson is proud to offer two grades of crankshaft grinding wheels from two different vendors. This gives you four options to choose from so you can produce your best work. 

In today's video, Dave Monyhan explains why we have the different grades and the services we offer you. 

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Counterbore Cutting With 3-D Fast Cut Video | Tech Lab Tuesday

This episode of Tech Lab Tuesday is Part 2 of our series on the 3-D Fast Cut™ Valve Seat Cutting System. Watch Part 1 here.

In this video, Dave Monyhan demonstrates how to set up the cutting system for counterbore cutting using the MGA-MIC setting micrometer. Then he's off to the Guide & Seat machine to show proper techniques for using the tooling. 

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