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Valve Spring Testers | Tech Lab Tuesday Video

This episode of Tech Lab Tuesday is all about Valve Spring Testers. Get information on why to test springs, how to test them and the differences between the Goodson Analog Spring Tester (VST-60G) and the Intercomp Digital Spring Tester (VST-2000).

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US Nationals Report from Darien & Grisel

Darien & Grisel Racing at the 2023 US Nationals Starting Line, Indianapolis, INAfter a yearlong hard-fought battle, we earned the privilege of being the West Region representative to the Jegs Allstars race within a race at the U.S. Nationals.

We enjoyed introduction festivities consisting of food, film, decals, Jegs t-shirts, caps and a very cool fabricated trophy with Casey’s name on it.

The first two runs were qualifying for the U.S. Nationals field and for position on the ladder for the Jegs Allstar race.

We struggled with the high humidity and high-water grains, along with the temperature.  We could only muster a best of 5.60 which put us on the Jegs ladder at #7.

The first round of Jegs was also the last chance to qualify for the U.S. Nationals.

We finally made some progress and clocked a 5.38 at 267.  That got us the round win in the Jegs race and qualified us #12 for the Nationals.  However, by the end of that session we were bumped to #18 and not in the show.

Second round of Jegs we picked up to a 5.35 at 270.  No match for eventual winner Julie Nataas and her 5.18.  The 5.35 would have qualified us for the Nationals had we run it one run earlier.

After struggling at Woodburn and Seattle we were happy to have our car headed in the right direction. 

Our next outing will be a West Region event at Famoso Raceway, October 13th – 16th.

We can’t thank you all enough for helping us make this happen.

Thank you,

Jerry Darien & Casey Grisel

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Big Block Air Flow From Small Block Heads

For this episode of Tech Lab Tuesday, we're tapping our guest presenter, David Vizard again. This video is a demonstration of how to take a stock head and get more power. 


Thanks again to David Vizard for allowing us to share his expertise with our visitors.

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Block Selection & Machining Considerations | Tech Lab Tuesday

This week's episode of Tech Lab Tuesday features the premier episode of the Engine Performance Expo

Hosts Joe Castello and Lake Speed, Jr. welcome Andy Rottler and the viewing audience to the first Engine Performance Expo. Topics include a visit to Dart Machinery’s manufacturing facility, a live Q&A on block selection with David Lewis and Robert Lewis of Roush-Yates Engines, and discussion on cylinder bore coating and sleeving with Jake Raby of Raby’s Aircooled Technology.

There's a lot of information in this episode so sit back and enjoy.

Screenshot from Block Selection & Machining Considerations video

Goodson is a proud sponsor of the Engine Performance Expo. 

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Flat Tappet Lifters & Roller Lifters | Tech Lab Tuesday

For this week's Tech Lab Tuesday we're dipping into the David Vizard vault again to get his take on lifters. 

David Vizard's PowerTec 10 EP 15 When Flat Tappet Lifters Reign Over Roller Lifters talks about times when Hydraulic lifters are the better choice. Sure roller lifters sound better because others you know chose the roller tappet path but what makes you so sure its right for your application. So yes there are times when a flat tappet lifter cam can, for the same or less money, out perform a roller lift cam.

Thanks again to David Vizard for allowing Goodson to share his wisdom and experience with our readers. 

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Avoiding Timing Chain Power Losses | Tech Lab Tuesday

In today's episode of Tech Lab Tuesday, guest instructor, David Vizard discusses how to avoid undue power losses between the crankshaft and camshaft. These are moves rarely discussed so your SBC or Ford could be up by as much as 11 HP over your competitor's.

Thanks again to David Vizard for allowing Goodson to share his wisdom with our viewers. 

If you have questions about this or any other tech topic, contact the Goodson Techxperts™ at 1-800-533-8010 or drop us an email

See ya next time!

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News from Darien & Grisel Racing

News from Darien & Grisel Racing

We finally got to go racing after 12 weeks off.  Our Seattle Regional was postponed due to an unfavorable weather forecast for that weekend.  The final outcome was to have the Seattle make-up race in conjunction with the Regional Woodburn race, the first attempt at a double regional event.

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Tech Lab Tuesday | Power Adding Crank Balancing

We're stepping away from Cylinder Head Porting this week to focus on crank balancing. As we have the last few episodes of Tech Lab Tuesday, we're sharing a video from industry legend, David Vizard.

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21st Century Porting Technology | Tech Lab Tuesday

In this episode of Tech Lab Tuesday, David Vizard shows how 21st century porting technology can really make for outstanding results. The heads in question here are the double hump 186 head castings from the late 1960's and early 70's. The techniques involved here can be applied to all 23 degree SB Chevy heads as well as many non Chevy heads.

Thanks again to David Vizard for graciously allowing us to share his expertise with our Goodson customers!

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5 Golden Porting Rules #1 | Identify Primary Flow Restrictions | Tech lab Tuesday

In this, episode of Tech Lab Tuesday, David Vizard explains the assets of a well designed intake port bowl. This is power enhancing Pro Stock tech you can apply to your home porting efforts.  

Thanks again to David Vizard for sharing his expertise with the Goodson audience!

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