• Abrasive globules each have independent suspension
  • Self-centering and self-aligning to the bore
  • Self compensating for wear
  • Applications are interchangeable, select bore size
  • Silicon-Carbide Flex-Hones are ideal for all materials including cast iron, bronze, phosphor bronze and aluminum
  • Aluminum-Oxide Flex-Hones are ideal for hard surfaces such as Nicasil and hardened steel
  • Diamond Flex-Hones are ideal for heat treated steal, high nickel stainless steel, chromed or plated bores, MMX aluminum alloys, ceramics and carbide

ORDERING THE CORRECT SIZE: Order by the actual cylinder ID. All Flex-Hones are produced oversize. If your cylinder ID is non-standard, order the next larger size. For example, for a cylinder that has been machined to a 3-3/8" diameter, order a 3-1/2" Flex-Hone. The "flex" that's built into Flex-Hones will adjust to the size difference.

NOTE: If purchasing the 120 Grit Heavy Duty Flex-Hones, order on cylinder size.