Replacing V-Twin Valve Springs or Seals Without Removing the Cylinder Head

Sounds like magic doesn’t it?

Let me assure you, it’s not magic. It’s simply one of the coolest tools we’ve seen in a long time. We call it the V-Twin On-the-Engine Valve Spring Compressor (Order No. CF-HDIF). You can use it to replace broken valve springs, install high performance springs, remove and replace valve guide seals all without completely disassembling the motorcycle. Remove the gas tank and rocker box assembly and you’re ready to get to work.

Step 1 : Remove the Gas TankHere’s how it works:

1 – Place the transmission in gear with rear wheel firmly on the working surface and front wheel locked. Remove the rider’s seat and disconnect the negative battery terminal. Remove the gas tank according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 2 : Remove the Rocker Box2 – Fully expose the valve springs by removing the complete rocker box assembly, including the lower rocker arm cover. Remove any other brackets that could interfere with mounting the Valve Spring Compressor plate.

Mount the On-The-Engine Spring Compressor3 – Mount the Valve Spring Compressor base on the cylinder head. Position the large hole over the valve spring with the two threaded studs pointing at the same angle as the valve stem. Tighten fasteners in place.

Pressurize the Cylinder With Shop Air4 – Using standard shop air (90-120 PSI), pressurize the cylinder through the spark plug hole. This is done to prevent the valve from falling.

Use standard tools to compress the spring and remove the keepers5 – Using standard wrenches, compress the valve spring, remove the keepers and retainers. You can now replace the valve spring or seals.

Repeat the process until all springs or seals have been taken care of.

A word from the customer:
“On this job, we only needed to replace the valve stem seal as the customer had issues with lots of smoke coming out of the tail pipe. After finishing up the entire reassembly of the bike it, it was test-ridden and we had fixed the problem. The technician working on the bike was happy because he did the job in about an hour and a half versus about 4 hours for a full tear down. The customer was happy because he saved a bunch of money on labor and because his motorcycle didn’t smoke anymore.” 

We think you’ll agree that every V-Twin shop (or any shop that works on V-Twins) should have at least one of these On-The-Engine-Valve Spring Compressors. You’ll work faster and make more on every job.

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