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Flywheel Grinder Maintenance Tips

In this week's episode of Tech Lab Tuesday, Dave Monyhan dons his "Mr. Maintenance" hat to talk about maintaining your Flywheel Grinder.

Products mentioned in this video

Choosing the Right Flywheel Grinding Stone

Goodson offers a lot of Flywheel Grinding Stones (50 of them at last count). So how do you choose which one to use? In this week's episode of Tech Lab Tuesday, Dave Monyhan explains the reasons behind the variety. 

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Dowel Pin Removal Video | Tech Lab Tuesday

Before you can grind a flywheel, you need to remove all of the dowel pins. In this week's episode of Tech Lab Tuesday, Dave Monyhan shows you how to use the Goodson Dowel Pin Puller to do just that. He even shares a "hack" for removing super-stubborn dowel pins.

Products used in this video include: Dowel Pin Pullers (GA-600 & GA-600M) and 120 Grit Valve Lapping Compound (VLC-120)

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Mounting Small Valves in Your Valve Refacer | Tech Lab Tuesday

As multi-valve engines continue to be built, valve sizes are getting smaller and smaller. Most guide and seat machines have a 1/2" chuck. So how do you mount a valve stem that's as small as 4mm? Find out how in today's episode of Tech Lab Tuesday.

View the UVRC-46 Listing Now

Choosing The Right Valve Refacer Wheel

We get asked a lot, "Why do you have so many Valve Refacer Wheels?" In this episode of Tech Lab Tuesday, Dave explains the reasons behind our large assortment. He also discusses grinding oil and diamonds and their importance in a proper valve job. 

Products used in this video include: GV-280, GV-281, GV-282, GV-2821, GV-280-CB, VGO-10, VGO-SD10, VGA-T32 & Dressing Diamond. All available in our Valve Refacing Product Collection.

Replacing Valve Guides | Tech Lab Tuesday

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2020 Goodson Tech Lab Trade Show

Did you miss the Goodson Tech Lab Trade Show on December 10 & 11, 2020? No worries. We've got it all here for you. Goodson's own Dave Monyhan talks about new products and shares lots of tech advice. Sit back and enjoy.

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