Seat Counterbore Cutting Options

Seat Counterbore Cutting Options

It's always good to have options and Goodson is proud to offer you multiple ways to counterbore valve seats. A recent Tech Lab Tuesday video included a discussion on the evolution of counterbore cutters. If you've been around the machine shop for any length of time you've probably used at least one of the options mentioned in the video - Brazed Carbide Seat Cutters, Indexable Seat Cutters and Adjustable Seat Cutters. 

Brazed Carbide Cutters were the standard for many years and did a good job. You may even have some in your shop today. These cutters feature carbide cutters permanently brazed onto the body. They work great but you usually need to send them off to have the cutter bits reset or resharpened causing down-time in the shop. And we all know how we hate down-time in the shop.

Indexable Valve Seat Cutter

Indexable Seat Cutters were developed in answer to this dilemma. These cutters have a replaceable cutter bit with four cutting surfaces. When an edge wears, you can just rotate the bit to a new edge and continue cutting. Of course, if all of the edges are worn, you can easily replace the cutter bit right in your shop. Quite a time-saver! 

These cutters are available from a variety of sources for a variety of prices. Keep in mind though, that Goodson's Indexable Counterbore Cutters cut true to size and are available from 1.062" to 2.125" diameter.

Last, but certainly not least, are Adjustable Counterbore Cutters, which were introduced by Goodson in 1999. The key difference in these counterbore cutters is that they are adjustable as well as indexable. Each cutter can be set up to cut within a range. For instance, the DWA-250 cutter will cut a range of seats between 1.250" and 1.375" based on how you set up the cutter blades. To see just how easy it is to set up these cutters, check out this Tech Lab Tuesday video.

Short excerpt from Tech Lab Tuesday video on setting up your adjustable counterbore cutter

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