QualFast Black Lightning High Performance Valves

Black Lightning racing valves are forged from premium 21-4N stainless steel. They have undercut stems and swirl polished heads to help the flow of both fuel and exhaust gasses going into and exiting the engine combustion chamber. The heads are also designed with thinner margins to reduce weight and inertia.

Black Lightning valves also feature a unique nitride coating which is better than chrome for higher revving race engines producing less friction, exceptional wear resistance, and increased strength and ductility. Our Plasma Nitriding process is superior to both the gas nitriding process and the salt bath process used by other valve manufacturers, because it imparts a very hard, wear resistant surface without the need to remove a brittle layer associated with traditional nitriding. It gives consistent hardness and depth, and it has the least affect on the surface finish, maintaining the valve steel core properties due to lower processing temperature.

From stem to head these race quality valves are engineered to perform in the most demanding pro race engine environments guaranteeing you one hell of a white knuckle ride.