Crankshaft Grinding Wheels Made to Order

Crankshaft Grinding WheelsOther supplies stock finished crankshaft grinding wheels which makes it almost impossible to stock a full size range. If they don't have the crankwheel you need, they may charge you more and delay your order for weeks. That's why Goodson makes every wheel to order, right here in our shop. We always have the right wheel because we take a blank, size it, shape it, test it and ship it in 24 to 48 business hours. Only Goodson has the equipment in-house to size, shape, slot and semi-balance crankshaft grinding wheels.

Two Crankshaft Grinding Wheel Compositions to Choose From

Just as one size crankshaft grinding wheel won't work for everyone, one abrasive composition is not enough. Goodson carries two grades of crankshaft grinding wheels — Superior Grade (GCH) and Premium Grade (GCD).

Superior Grade Crankshaft Grinding Wheels

Goodson Superior Grade (GCH) 54 Grit Crankshaft Grinding WheelGCH — The Goodson Superior Grade Grinding Wheel is a 54 grit abrasive has good form-holding characteristics, cuts cooler and requires less dressing than a "standard" wheel. This slate-gray abrasive removes material quickly while loading less and holding its shape well. Choose the Superior Grade Crankshaft Grinding Wheel from Goodson when working on crank journals with Rockwell hardness of 35Rc or less. This composition works best on domestic, import and high-performance crankshafts made of cast or forged steel.

Premium Grade Crankshaft Grinding Wheels

Goodson Premium Grade (GCD) Crankshaft Grinding WheelGCD — Goodson's 60 grit Premium Grade Crankshaft Grinding Wheel composition is for harder materials. This composition has good form-holding characteristics, cuts cool and requires less dressing than standard wheels. This wheel features a salt-and-pepper, friable abrasive for faster, cooler crankshaft grinding. Use the Premium Grade Crankshaft Grinding Wheel from Goodson on crank journals with Rockwell hardness of 35Rc or more. These wheels work best on diesel, high-performance, industrial and billet steel crankshafts or those with large radii journals.

Crankshaft Grinding Wheel Shapes

Crankshaft Grinding Wheels must be the correct shape to fit the hub and to have proper clearance and face width for grinding. The most common shapes that are used are:

  • Hub
  • Straight
  • Recessed 1 Side
  • Tapered
  • Recessed 2 Sides

When ordering a crankshaft grinding wheel from Goodson, be sure to identify the make and model of your grinder. If you don't specify a shape for the wheel, we will provide the standard for your crankshaft grinding machine.

Goodson Crankshaft Grinding Wheel OD MachineOD Cutting

If you have a wheel that's too small for one machine, but would fit another with some resizing, you need Goodson's OD Cutting Service. Don't just toss the old wheel; send it back to Goodson and we'll evaluate it to see if it can be resized to safely work on another grinder. If it can't be used, we will contact you and dispose of the wheel for you, saving you dumping fees.

Goodson Crankshaft Grinding Wheel Speed Testing MachineSpeed Testing

Rest assured that your crankshaft grinding wheels will perform at the speed you require. Goodson speed testing is ANSI compliant. Every wheel that Goodson makes is speed tested before it's shipped to you. If you have some old wheels that you want to have tested, send them to us along with your speed testing specifications and we'll certify that they will operate safely. If any of the wheels don't pass our test, we'll work with you to correct any problems.

Goodson Crnkshaft Grinding Weeel Arbor & ID Sizing MachineArbor and Side Cutting

The Goodson, heavy-duty sizing machine allows us to enlarge IDs, create tapers, recesses and hubs in virtually any crankshaft grinding wheel.

Grinding Wheel Slotting

Slotting lets coolant flow to the thrust and radii areas of the crankshaft faster, keeping these critical areas cooler. This helps to eliminate chatter and burning (essential when grinding high-performance crankshafts). Don't waste time with other suppliers who outsource their crankshaft grinding wheels for slotting. Only Goodson has the equipment in-house so we can usually turn around slotted wheels within 48 hours or less.

Mach-B Grinding Wheel Shaping & Resizing, a division of GoodsonMore grinding wheel shaping and sizing services are available through the Mach-B division of Goodson Tools & Supplies