Tips for Using CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels

We promised a couple of weeks ago to provide some additional tips on Flywheel Grinding. We didn’t want to keep you waiting too long, so here’s the next installment.

CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels are a relatively new addition to the flywheel grinding arsenal. Since they are so new, there’s been some confusion about them that we’d like to clear up.

  • Detail of CBN Flywheel Stone ConstructionCBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels are constructed as an aluminum cup (type 11) with CBN (cubic boron nitride) material cemented to the flair.
  • CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels are recommended only for use on ferrous materials; specifically cast iron.
  • Because there is no real porosity in the CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheel, use them with large amounts of clean flywheel grinding coolant pointed at the wheel contact area. This will lubricate, cool and carry away swarf created during grinding. We also suggest you use a filter sock on the coolant returning to the sump to help minimize swarf returning to the wheel through the sump. Never crowd the machine or use a power feed while grinding as this will build heat and chunk the wheel.
  • CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels are great for finishing 90 degree steps in flywheels.

Now that we have the confusion cleared up, I have a couple of flywheel grinding tips for you from the many, many flywheels I worked on when I had my shop.

Always use the proper stone when working on flywheels. I can’t emphasize this enough. You must use the correct tools to do the job. Yes, it might take a minute or so to switch out flywheel grinding stones, but you’ll more than make that up in the amount of time you’ll save during the grinding process. Check out the earlier post on this topic.

As always, if you have questions about the Goodson CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels, Flywheel Grinding in general or any other Goodson product, feel free to contact the Goodson Tech Services Department at 1-800-533-8010 or shoot us an email.

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  • David Norriss - December 25, 2019

    I like how you emphasized the importance of using the proper stone when using a CBN grinding wheel in order to save time on the grinding process. My brother-in-law wants a CBN grinding wheel for Christmas. My brother and I are going to buy it for him and I’ll be sure to add in the proper stones too.

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