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Choosing The Right Valve Refacer Wheel

We get asked a lot, "Why do you have so many Valve Refacer Wheels?" In this episode of Tech Lab Tuesday, Dave explains the reasons behind our large assortment. He also discusses grinding oil and diamonds and their importance in a proper valve job. 

Products used in this video include: GV-280, GV-281, GV-282, GV-2821, GV-280-CB, VGO-10, VGO-SD10, VGA-T32 & Dressing Diamond. All available in our Valve Refacing Product Collection.

Replacing Valve Guides | Tech Lab Tuesday

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2020 Goodson Tech Lab Trade Show

Did you miss the Goodson Tech Lab Trade Show on December 10 & 11, 2020? No worries. We've got it all here for you. Goodson's own Dave Monyhan talks about new products and shares lots of tech advice. Sit back and enjoy.

The Flywheel Grinder … your profit pal

The Flywheel Grinder … your profit pal

As you know the flywheel grinder in your shop should be one of the most profitable machines in your business. With basic skills, training and the following information, just about anyone in the shop can grind a flywheel properly. The set up is simple and the job itself is very fast. In most cases you should be able to average about $100 per hour if you can keep the work coming in from your customers.

Here’s a quick overview of how to set up and use your flywheel grinder.

Tips for Using CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels

CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels are a relatively new addition to the flywheel grinding arsenal. Since they are new, there’s been some confusion about them that we’d like to clear up.

CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheel
  • CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels are constructed as an aluminum  or graphite substrate and form into a cup (type 11) with CBN (cubic boron nitride) material cemented to the flair.
  • CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels are recommended only for use on ferrous materials; specifically cast iron.
  • Because there is no real porosity in the CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheel, use them with large amounts of clean flywheel grinding coolant pointed at the wheel contact area. This will lubricate, cool and carry away swarf created during grinding. We also suggest you use a filter sock on the coolant returning to the sump to help minimize swarf returning to the wheel through the sump. Never crowd the machine or use a power feed while grinding as this will build heat and chunk the wheel.
  • CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels are great for finishing 90 degree steps in flywheels.
  • CBN wheels create less dust
  • CBN wheels can last 8 times longer compared to vitrified wheels on average.
  • CBN wheels will last longer and create less heat when used with fresh, clean coolant.


As always, if you have questions about the Goodson CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels, Flywheel Grinding in general or any other Goodson product, feel free to contact the Goodson Tech Services Department at 1-800-533-8010 or shoot us an email.

Straight Talk About Your Surfacing Machine

Today we’re going to talk about resurfacing machines for cylinder heads and blocks. These machines come in variety of styles and configurations as well as many colors. There are belt grinders, dry grinders, wet grinders, broaches and mills. There are different designs from under-head to over-head types. These machines use coated or formed abrasives, some use carbide and later styles or models use CBN or PCD, some use coolant and some are operated dry. Despite these differences, they all have two things in common; they make a warped surface flat and they need the same care and attention when it comes to the daily maintenance necessary to maintain their accuracy and dependability.

3 Quick Tips To Improve Your Valve Grinding

3 Quick Tips To Improve Your Valve Grinding
No long tech articles today. Just simple, common-sense tips to improve your valve grinding results. Read on for three quick tips!