PRODUCT UPDATE : 7mm Replacement Valves Now Available

When Goodson added the Kibblewhite products to our website, we were a little ahead of the manufacturing process and 7mm Replacement Valves were not yet available. Well, all that has changed!  We now have exact replacements for our old HBV valves in stock and ready to ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did Goodson switch to Kibblewhite Hard Parts?

A: Goodson and Kibblewhite have created a strategic partnership to provide our customers with the finest V-Twin Hard Parts available. Kibblewhite Hard Parts are made in America and are in stock when you need them. 

Updated replacement valve catalog pageQ: What other V-Twin Hard Parts do you offer?

​A: Just as Goodson has done over the years, we continue to offer Valve Seals & Installation Tools, Valve Seat Inserts, Valve Guides and Drivers, Replacement Valves, Valve Spring Kits and Compression Release Valves. These are all available for a variety of applications including the Milwaukee Eight™. View or Download the Updated Catalog Pages showing our full selection.

Q: How does your pricing work? 

A: Due to the agreement we have with Kibblewhite, the prices you see in the 2018 catalog and on our website are Manufacturer's Suggest Retail Pricing (MSRP). This is NOT the price you will be charged. As a loyal Goodson customer, you will be charged the Jobber price which is about 30% lower than what is published. When ordering online, be sure to log in to your account to automatically receive this pricing. Be sure to download the price listshowing the MSRP and your Jobber prices.

Q: Why don't all of your products have a Kibblewhite to AV&V cross-over number? 

A: The only items that have cross-over numbers are those that are exact matches. Be sure to check the item specifications to see a non-matching item will work for your application. 

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