Tips for Honing Nicasil

Nicasil is an electro-deposited (electroplated) composite of nickel and silicon carbide. Components are uniformly dispersed throughout the resulting material. Care must be used when honing this material as the plating is normally applied in thicknesses no greater than .003". If you remove too much of the Nicasil, you will need to have the cylinder bores re-plated. The wear ratio on Nicasil is 10:1 so .010" wear in a normal cylinder would be only .001" on Nicasil.

Sunnen Honing Stones for NicasilAn aluminum-oxide abrasive is necessary for honing Nicasil as silicon-carbide is a component of Nicasil and abrasives will not cut materials of similar density and composition.

We recommend using our Rod Honing Oil (RHO-10 or RHO-50) when working on Nicasil. The additives that make it ideal for high pressure honing also help the aluminum oxide abrasive cut cleaner and faster on the Nicasil surface.

If you have any other questions about honing Nicasil, be sure to call one of the Goodson Techxperts™ at 1-800-533-8010.

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