Titanium Brake Lathe Tips Are Tested Tough

Titanium Brake Lathe Tips Are Tested Tough

Here in the Goodson Tech Department we get a lot of questions about which brake lathe cutting tip to use and why. We tested our most popular brake lathe cutting tips - RT-A and RT-312 to get some concrete answers for you.

Brake Lathe Set-Up for Tip TestingTests were conducted by the same operator on an Ammco 4000 Brake Lathe. The rotor being turned was mounted using a Quick Chuck Mounting Adaptor equipped with a CE-8 Rubber Silencer Band

    The titanium coating is applied to a carbide substrate. It is specifically developed for cutting, turning and boring most materials at a moderate to low speed. Its unique mechanical and thermal properties make it ideal for cutting drums and rotors while providing longer life and more cuts per tip.

    Test #1

    Standard v. Honed Edge v. Titanium Coated v. Standard Round v. Titanium Coated Round

      Standard Triangle Honed Edge Triangle Titanium Coated Triangle Standard Round Titanium Coated Round

    Single Pass Cut: .006" off each side
    Rotor Diameter: 11"
    Machine Speed: Full

    135Ra 121Ra 109Ra 73Ra 77Ra
    Single Pass Cut: .010" off each side
    Rotor Diameter: 11"
    Machine Speed: Medium

    123Ra 131Ra 97Ra 74Ra 65Ra

    Fast Cut: .006" off each side; Slow Cut: .002" off each side
    Rotor Diameter: 11"

    50Ra 50Ra 49Ra 35Ra 33Ra

    NOTE: An Ra finish of 14 to 70 off the production line is recommended. The lower the Ra number, the better the finish.

    Test #2

    Triangular Cutting Tips v. Round Cutting Tips

    Test Conditions: 

    Single Pass Cut: .006" off each side of rotor
    Rotor Diameter: 11"
    Machine Speed: Fast
    Each test is another pass with the same cutting tip. For example, Test D represents four (4) passes with the same tip.

    Standard Carbide Tips

      Triangle : RT-A Round : RT-312
    Test A (1 pass) Temp: 136º | Ra: 133 Temp: 110º | Ra: 73
    Test B (2 passes) Temp: 138º | Ra: 136 Temp: 109º | Ra: 74
    Test C (3 passes) Temp: 138º | Ra: 138 Temp: 110º | Ra: 76
    Test D (4 passes) Temp: 136º | Ra: 140 Temp: 109º | Ra: 77
    Test E (5 passes) Temp: 139º | Ra: 143 Temp: 109º | Ra: 78



    Titanium Coated Carbide Tips

      Triangle : RT-A-T Round : RT-312T
    Test A (1 pass) Temp: 103º | Ra: 101 Temp: 94º | Ra: 77
    Test B (2 passes) Temp: 103º | Ra: 101 Temp: 94º | Ra: 65
    Test C (3 passes) Temp: 121º | Ra: 101 Temp: 96º | Ra: 68
    Test D (4 passes) Temp: 128º | Ra: 127 Temp: 104º | Ra: 71
    Test E (5 passes) Temp: 136º | Ra: 132 Temp: 110º | Ra: 74


    As always, if you have any questions about this or any other technical topic, contact the Goodson Tech Service Department by phone (1-800-533-8010) or email

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