Why Are There So Many Honing Oils?

Why Are There So Many Honing Oils?
The HO series of honing oil was designed by the Goodson tech staff, to be clear and is formulated to offer the machinist a more aggressive result when honing various cast iron and steel alloys. Some say it has a drier effect that allows faster stock removal while keeping the honing stones, clean and more free cutting.

We went with a clear oil instead of a dark because you can easily monitor the swarf content of the oil. Since you can see what kind of gunk you're accumulating, you can change filters and filter paper as needed to lengthen the over-all life of the oil in the honing tank. We recommend Goodson HO oil for Vitrified Stones only.

Goodson HO oil is true oil and it can be mixed with other brands of honing oils, such as the Sunnen MAN-845 and others. This oil is not designed to be mixed or used with any water-based honing solutions.

The RHO series honing oil was developed for high pressure honing such as connecting rod honing. This oil also contains additional lubricants to enhance honing these smaller diameters that are on the big end of the connecting rod generally made from iron and steel, but may also have a brass or bronze brushing that also needs to be honed to size. Goodson RHO oil is just what you need as it contains additives to make this possible.

Like Goodson HO oil, RHO is compatible with most other connecting rod honing oils but, again, never mix this oil with any water-based honing solution.

The newest addition to our selection of honing oils is the DHO series. This honing oil was designed for higher pressure that occurs when honing small diameters in materials such as Bronze, Manganese Bronze and other combinations of bronze materials using diamond abrasives such as the Goodson Hyper-Finish System and the Sunnen Diamond Sizing Tool.

Goodson incorporated an additional lubrication into the formula to allow the oil to act slicker when honing the smaller diameters in these softer bronze valve guide materials. This oil can be mixed with our RHO series of honing oil or with Sunnen MAN-845 types of honing oil. As with the other Goodson honing oils, Do Not mix with water.

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