Small Diameter Reamers for Cast Iron or Bronze

Goodson Tools & Supplies

These small diameter reamers are premium quality with tough cobalt flutes for long life in cast iron or bronze. All sizes feature a square drive.

CAUTION: Once used on cast iron do NOT use on bronze.

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Order No. Description Price Quantity
MR-4MM 1.575" (4.00mm) $89.99
MR-4.5MM .1771" (4.50mm) $89.99
MR-5.0MM .1968" (5.00mm) $89.99
MR-198 .1980" (5.03mm) $89.99
MR-5.5MM .2165" (5.50mm) $99.99
MR-6.0MM .2362" (6.00mm) $99.99
MR-7.0MM .2756" (7.00mm) $99.99