RRJ-350 | Reluctor Ring Installation Tool

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Order No. RRJ-350

The patented Reluctor Ring Installation Tool is designed to fit Generation III engines (LS1, LS6), and Generation IV (LS2, LS3, LS7) engines. It is designed to align GM #12559353 and #12586768 sensor rings on the crankshaft in the correct phased position. All steel construction features two indexing dowels to properly align the reluctor ring when installing it on the crankshaft. Now with an extended length to fit the extended flange on manual transmissions.

Reluctor Ring Installation Tool is American Made

TECH TIP: Heat the reluctor ring to 450ºF (232ºC) then slide it onto the casting. Be sure to deburr all components before beginning assembly. Any sharp edges will cause the reluctor ring to catch on the casting, making assembly impossible.

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