How to Assemble a Dial Bore Gauge for Use

Don’t let the dial bore gauge frighten you. It’s a fantastic tool for measuring cylinders, but it must be assembled and set correctly. Follow these simple steps to dial bore gauge success.

    Installing the Dial Indicator on the Dial Bore Gauge BodySTEP ONE: Install the Dial Indicator

    Install the dial indicator by inserting its spindle in the holder so that the indicator reads at least 0.3mm (or more depending on the indicator). Secure the dial indicator with the clamp screw. 

    Installing the Limit HandSTEP TWO: Attach the Limit Hand (if applicable)
    Hook the limit hand on the lower bezel and push until it clicks into place.  To remove it, force it open.

    Set the Measuring DimensionSTEP THREE: Set the Measuring Dimension
    Select the appropriate anvils, washers and sub anvils for the required measuring dimension. Place them on the main unit in the following order: washer + anvil + sub anvil + tightening nut. Always use the minimum number of parts to avoid excessive flex. 


    • DO NOT disassemble the instrument.
    • DO NOT bump any part of the instrument.
    • Always clean the interchangeable anvils, washers, etc. after use and apply a coat of anti-corrosive oil then store them in their original cases.
    • Use ONLY the supplied anvils, washers, sub anvils and other accessories. DO NOT use them with other instruments.

    For more information about setting the dial bore gauge, read Tips & Tricks For Setting A Dial Bore Gauge.

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